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How to Become a Best Selling Author

Updated on May 18, 2023

Tips on How to Become a Best Selling Author

There are tons of published authors, but the reality is that many are still struggling to sell copies of their books. Finding it hard to sell copies of books can be very disappointing for authors especially after all of the work it takes to publish. Some seem to feel as if after they're published, money will fall out of the sky. The truth is that unless a writer is a very well-known person, authors will need to market and promote their publications. Sometimes just getting the word out about a new release can take time. If you are a new author or an author with a new publication, don't get discouraged if books aren't selling as fast as you feel they should. Selling a lot of books is not an overnight process. A clear realistic marketing plan can help get the ball rolling. Consistently implementing the tips here will help you not only get the word out about your publication but will help you sell more copies of your book.

Promote Promote Promote

Writing a book is one thing but promoting is another. After publishing, having a book signing will help. The first initial book signing is great but top sellers have multiple books signings each year. Some of the people invited will not be able to attend for whatever reason. They just may be able to attend one of the others you plan. After book signings are scheduled, authors should promote the event for at least a month. This will give family and friends time to add the event to their calendar. Make sure to have business cards available and postcards with online ordering details. It's not to assume that just because people do not purchase a copy that day that they won't order one later.

Where do I Market?

Market your new release everywhere. Social media is a great way to get the word out about new publications. Facebook is great but post new release flyers and book signing event flyers on all of your social media outlets. Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, and Pinterest are a few other social outlets that are helpful places to market online. Try building an email list. If your list isn't so long, manually email your contacts a short message that says something like this: Hi there, I just wanted to let you know what I've been up to lately. I have a new book release that I am happy about. I want to invite you to my book signing event. Come out and celebrate this milestone with me. In the subject line type: You're Invited! As your list grows, try looking into an automated system for sending out multiples of emails at a time. Text marketing has become very popular too. Try typing a short version of this same message and don't forget to send this message along with a flyer. If your email list is short, work on building a larger one.

Blogging Helps Increase Book Sales

If you are a blogger, you can sell copies of your book directly through your blog. Try creating a blog and blogging about subject matters that relate to your book. Bloggers can even upload their book cover on their blog then add ordering details. Don't forget to post new blog post on social media. Blog post or articles can even be emailed to the people on your email list. Try writing at least two to three new blogpost each week. A minimum of 300 words up to 500 or more is sufficient.

Call up Book Stores

Try calling bookstores in your area. Ask them what their qualifications are for authors possibly selling their publications in their store. Make sure you have a pencil and pad handy so that you can take notes. Having copies of your book handy will be necessary. Keep a log of how many copies each bookstore has. Another great idea would be to visit bookstores in person. This way the owner or manager can get a feel of who you are. You'll get a chance to see what kind of genres the store is selling.

Give Away Freebies

Don't be afraid to give away a book or two every so often. This gives authors the opportunity to reach those who many have never taken the time to read their work. Ask the people that were given a book to leave a positive book review if they enjoyed what they read. They can leave reviews on author's facebook business page. Reviews can be left on platforms like Amazon. They can even be emailed to authors. Have you ever thought about doing book readings? If you are a children's author, try calling schools and reaching out to library systems to see if they will allow authors to do this. The more people know who you are, the better chances of selling book copies.

Create a Masterpiece

If authors want their books to sell, they must take their time to create a great read. Great books not only look good, but they read great. First impressions is everything. The book cover should pop, and the title should make people want to open the book and read it. Make sure that your book is professionally edited by an English major or someone that has a lot of experience in the area. Your reputation and image as an author is on the line. One good read can land an author a best seller title. On the flip side if your first book isn't appealing readers may not want to read a second.

Anyone can write a book but only those that go the extra mile become top sellers. Success in any area comes from being consistent and targeting those that may want to read your publication. Authors that take their time to provide something of great standard have a greater chance of selling more publications. Maybe you can think of your own unique ways to market and promote. There are many things that can be done to help sell book copies, but the key is to promote sell and do this all over again. Doing this as much as possible in time will land a best-seller title.

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Do you consistently promote your book?

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