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How to Become a Better Speller

Updated on September 12, 2016

Since we were kids, we learn how to spell better at school. We memorize vocabulary from childhood and memorize a lot more after we grow up into adulthood. From simple to complex vocabulary, we start to know and understand many things day after day, time after time. Some of us need to learn about how to become a better speller because of many reasons. Linguistic study, the demands of work, making articles, creating resume and much more is a few reasons someone needs to learn about how to become a better speller. The more complex we work or study by facing with so many words we write, some words can be very difficult to spell. Because of this, we need to get methods on how to become a better speller.

If you notice that there are people who are better in spelling and some are not that’s because some people seriously learning on how to become a better speller not because they are naturally born to become a better speller without learning. If we learn and study hard about spelling from childhood and have a better understanding that each words we learn are made up of separate speech sounds (phonemes) and letters we try to spell represent the sounds. The more we learn and we began to understand how to spell correctly by notice the letters from simple to complex words. Eventually we begin to understand the sequence of letters that make up syllables, words root, word endings, prefixes and suffixes.

Alphabet - CC0 1.0 Universal
Alphabet - CC0 1.0 Universal

Although there are so many automatic spell checker or electronic applications that help us to become a better speller but still it remains a problem. Not all automatic spell checker or applications can perfectly help us to become a better speller and instantly. Having a poor spelling can give us so many problems whether it's for study matters or work. We can lose credibility or resume that being rejected because of poor spelling. Therefore, we need a great method to learn on how to become a better speller.

Spelling is one of the important things to build communication because it evaluates you as a person. Usually, cover letter or resume with poor spelling will be rejected immediately by most companies if you apply for a job. The most important thing to notice is how seriously you are to make a resume or application to get a job you want. Everything you write on resume or application must be spelt correctly because it will risk your credibility. Not only resume but if you want to write a journal or an article, you need to pay attention to the written spelling of each word. If you think that spelling is one of the most important things in your life that you need to learn because it affect your study, your job, your skills, your capability to earn credibility from others and many other reasons, then you need to try a powerful method to improve your spelling.

Spelling - CC0 1.0 Universal
Spelling - CC0 1.0 Universal

There are many ways that can help you to improve your spelling nowadays. Although there are so many automatic spell checker and electronic applications. There are still many methods that you can use to help you to become a better speller. Check each method one by one and choose that you think are very useful and powerful to improve your spelling. You can try to use every step of powerful tips below:

1. Read

Read is one of the powerful methods to improve your spelling. If you want to become a better speller then start to read and read a lot. There are many things you can read from books, newspaper, magazine, online articles, journal to dictionary. Start noticing any new words and how to spell it. By reading a lot you can have bank of words and knowing more new words.

2. Write

Besides reading, the best thing you need to do is learn to write. Write anything you like to write and about everything you love. You can write from a simple writing such as posting status on social media to write a blog. If you reading a lot from many sources, your writing skill also growing and undoubtedly your spelling ability will evolve too. You can’t separate reading and writing. If you want to improve your spelling, you need to read a lot and learn to write.

3. Make a list of new words

Start making a list of new words you find and try to memorize it including how to spell each word. You can use the help of a dictionary to understand each word you find, of how to spell and the meaning of it. You can also use the help of a search engine to find any related sources regarding the words you have listed. Try using the new words you listed for writing purpose. It can help you memorize the words and develop your writing skill.

4. Ask friends to help improve your spelling skill

It would be better if you can ask friends to help improve your spelling skill. Talk with some friends and ask them to read your writings. Ask them to play spelling games with you and try to create a fun environment. It can also help you to release any tension you build while learning to become a better speller.

5. Chatting via online messenger

You can improve your spelling skill by chatting via online messenger. Here are many online messenger nowadays you can use and some of it have good features to help you improve your spelling skill. Try as often as possible to chat with friends or colleagues via online messenger and notice any words you can learn to improve your spelling.

6. Play spelling games

You can play spelling games using spelling games online or instal spelling games applications on your computer or a smart phone. You can search for spelling games online via search engine and there are many websites that offer free spelling games online you can find. You can also ask your friend and family members to play spelling game with you.

Scrabble - CC0 1.0 Universal
Scrabble - CC0 1.0 Universal

7. Take spelling quiz

You can take spelling quiz that you find online, from newspaper or magazine. Besides help you improve your spelling skill, it is also a fun way to get a prize. If you win, it can boost your enthusiasm to be more focus learning on how to become a better speller.

8. Use mnemonics

Mnemonic or often also referred to as memory aids or technique to facilitate memory is another powerful method to improve your spelling skill. Try not to remember too many words in every practice session. If you are not used with memory aids, use simple technique by remembering a few words and choose words that are easy to remember. Try these simple memory aids technique:

  1. Set up facts or keywords of the subject matter that should be remembered
  2. Associate the words with each other
  3. Create a visualization (imaginary) in your mind
  4. Try to recall the words

9. Learn how to use pronunciation

Besides learning to be a better speller, pronunciation also an important factor you need to learn to improve your spelling skill. In other words, if you learn to pronounce a word clearly and correctly, you will have a bigger chance of being able to spell the words correctly. If you pay attention to every word carefully, you will be able to clearly pronounce each syllable, therefore it will increase your chances to spell each word correctly.

10. Learn to be more conscientious

Be more conscientious towards what you have written. Patiently check each word of your writing so you can correct all spelling mistake you write. As much as possible do check on your writing without using any assistive device such as spell checker applications. Try to check your writing manually so it helps you to be more trained in observing the spelling.

11. Use Dictionary

Always use a dictionary to help you learn many words. There are many words that you might not know, so by looking up words and start memorizing new words will help your skill in writing. You can easily write so many things if you can memorise and understand many words. Use the dictionary and try to memorize any new words you find everyday. If you forgot any words you try to remember, no need to worries, all you have to do is keep memorizing new words every day.

12. Remember the rules

Rules of spelling are the most important thing you need to know and understand. There are a few important rules to help improve your spelling skills that you need to know such as:

  • i before e except after c
  • The letter y must be change to i when it’s preceded by a consonant when adding an ending a word that ends with y
  • Drop the final e before a suffix if the ending begins with a vowel when adding an ending to a word that have ending with a silent e for example: surprising
  • When adding an ending to a word that ends with a consonant after a single vowel when the last syllable of the word is accented, the final consonant is doubled

Dictionary - CC0 1.0 Universal
Dictionary - CC0 1.0 Universal


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