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How to Become a better writer

Updated on September 8, 2014

How to become a better writer

Practice is the best way, but another way is read everything you can about being a better writer.

Better writer

How to Become a better writer

Writing starts, like so many other things, slow. To get better at anything you have to work at it. You have to practice, practice and more practice. This is true of everything; a classic pianist doesn't just show up on stage to play,without practicing.

Set aside time to work on your writing every day. Pick a time when you are least disturbed. Sometimes this may is early in the morning or late at night. But, you have to do this to improve your craft.

Start small
Start by picking a subject, you are well vested in. It is easy to write on something you know something about. You will get practice writing on subjects that you don't know anything on later in your writing career. Starting small and building on to it. The way I like to do my writing.

I start out by writing; let's say a hundred words then stopping and setting it aside and coming back to it later, it help make a better article and easier. Keep it simple.

Build that picture
Write as if you are writing to a friend that you have not seen all summer, and you want to tell them what you did this summer. If you went to the beach, paint a picture in their mind of what that beach looked like, the colors, the smells, sounds, how the water felt on your body. Remember your friend wasn't there. However, if you paint that picture, they will experience what you experienced.

Different writing forms
There are many different forms of writing that you may be interested in. Some that you could make a career of, and some that you just enjoy doing. Go to the different writing sites like Hubpage, or AWAI and get some ideas of what people are writing about and how they are writing their articles. Study the different types of writing, web writing, B to B writing, and copywriting.

Start by writing a draft, read the draft over and over. How does it sound, do the words flow, are you getting your idea or story across? Then rewrite it, so that your writing comes across. Develop that picture, so that your read experience what you experienced. In this way, you have communicated to your readers everything you wanted to tell them about.

Communicating is an art form, but one that can be learned.

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