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How to Capture Readers

Updated on June 23, 2011

The Art of Writing

Personally, I love writing, it is a great thing to do when you don't feel like sharing what you feel with someone. Most of the great authors of the Victorian era, when writing flourished, were what you would call loners. They had great spirit, were impulsive, passionate, and felt the urge to express themselves. Now, you don't have to be all that to be good at writing. But you need to understand what writing is. Writing is communication, write as you would speak to a person, how you would explain to them what you feel. The first rule in writing is, mean what you write, writing from the heart is the greatest beauty of writing. Let people catch a glimpse of you, let them share your life through your writing. This is the only time when you can let yourself be carried away, and when you do that, you become both sensational and sensible, you communicate wonderfully, you tell them what you are saying directly and this will be a great appeal to your audience. Here is where you will excel and rise above everyone. Always remember, everyone, just like you, want to get carried away, lose themselves, that is why they read, or else, they simply could go talk to someone. But be specific as to your content. If you are writing about something scientific or objective, strictly stick to the point and don't use too much mumbo jumbo language, don't try to sound too smart and overdo it, your object is to make them understand, not attract them. When you write poems or novels, here is where, out comes your imagination, use feelings, use reader sensitivity, write about points that touch them, that is relevant to them, yet carries them away. My opinion is that you really don't have too apply too much effort for objective writing, but imaginative writing requires a certain kind of skill. Look at this in this way, if you feel really adamant on a subject, if you can't help exploding about it, have such strong feelings on it, you have the ability to touch people with your writing. If you simply wish to state a fact, then you are in the safe spot, for facts are all that matter here, your opinions or your feelings don't carry that much weight. But if you write poems or novels well, you are really gifted, you would be sure to be good at debate, some, even at acting. For you feel strongly on some subjects. If you go to a high school kid and tell him he could go to the science class and do dissection or give a lecture or he could go to English class and read poems, the majority would choose the latter. What I am trying to say is, inborn talent plays a major role, but it is extremely easy to overcome that when you really want to write. Just speak through your writings.


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