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How to Change Bad Luck to Good Luck

Updated on June 3, 2019
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I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Are you having a hard time because of bad luck? Are you also exhausted from trying too hard to turn it around? Come on – don't spend too much energy trying in the wrong and roundabout ways. There are many advantageous ways you can change bad luck to good luck. Follow some of the tips below. You will surely get back on track.

Develop New Beliefs

Correct your mind. Usually, bad luck emerges from negative thoughts. Write down all your negative thoughts, cross them with a red pen and now make these thoughts positive and write them down again. Look over the new thoughts several times during the day for several days in a row. They will become your new beliefs to help you overcome your misfortune and to earn blessings.

Research Over the Web

Which niche is popular now? Can you develop new skills? Can you learn something new that is popular in the business/work front now? Consider these questions, research over the web and take actions about improving your skill set. Then apply for jobs that match your new skill set so that unfavorable luck fails to envelop you, and you land on a promising job that speaks to you.

Surround Yourself with Positive-Minded People

Share with your friends and family what you are going through. Like-minded and positive friends and family can help through various sources. You will never know what influences they have and how they can help you unless you ask and share. This is also an alternative to how you can eliminate negativity and bask in a lucky break.

Toss the Adverse Luck Issue in Your Mind before Falling Asleep

Let your dreams solve your unfortunate issue. Think about it over and over again in your mind without looking for answers. And then get tired and fall asleep. Your subconscious mind will work to give you a solution through your dreams. Keep a notebook and pen ready beside you at night. When you wake up in the morning, record everything that you remember about your dreams. You will have eureka moments, and fixes to your issue are likely to land on your lap.

Toss a Coin

You are torn between two choices. You don't know which action for sure will help to remove the unsatisfactory misfortune from your life. In that case, put the preferred priority option on the “head” of the coin. Place the other option on the “tail”. Then toss the coin.

If you get the head, your heart will follow it, and you know your direction of hope. If you get the tail and feel sorry not to pursue your priority choice, follow your heart and go with the head option. This is how you make good choices by following what your heart tells you and get rid of all the unwanted second-rate luck.

Eat Dark Chocolate

When you are feeling low, unable to change your luck for the better, have some bars of dark chocolate and enjoy. Immediately your energy level is boosted, and you will start vibrating at high levels. You will be in a better position to confront your unfavorable misfortune, think rationally, and gradually take actions to turn things in your favor.

Look from a Humor Perspective

You could use some good sense of humor in your bad luck circumstances. Talk to somebody in a funny tone of voice about your chains of current inadequate luck and laugh. This is not easy but you can make it happen if you become easier on yourself and help yourself to laugh your blues away. Let the other person laugh as well. Now you are in a better position to see things through and take steps in a guided manner to correct your current state of unfortunate affairs.

Bear with the Situation

Things don't stay bleak all the time. So bear with the discomfort if you cannot change anything. While you accept, believe in the power of prayers and pray. Things are likely to take a better form, and you will soon be beaming all smiles, having eliminated all the unacceptable luck.


In conclusion, I have suggested several ways-out in this article to reverse bad luck. Some of these are about changing your beliefs, surrounding yourself with like-minded and positive people who can help, eating dark chocolate to raise your energy levels, and/or bearing with the discomfort of the situation when nothing else would work.

They are all practical real-life solutions for turning bad luck to good luck. So pick as many as you want and apply them to your life to get positive results. Your non-deserving circumstances will cease to exist, and you will once more be a happy and energetic person playing the game of life more intelligently.

A Girl Crying, Overwhelmed with Bad Luck
A Girl Crying, Overwhelmed with Bad Luck | Source
A Woman Smiling, Having Turned Bad Luck to Good Luck
A Woman Smiling, Having Turned Bad Luck to Good Luck | Source

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 Rosina S Khan


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    • surovi99 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosina S Khan 

      10 months ago

      I am glad you liked my article. Nice to know your remedies. Thank you!!

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      10 months ago

      I enjoyed reading this article - keeping positive and eating dark chocolate are my remedies. Thank you for sharing.


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