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How to Create a Supervillain for Comics

Updated on March 27, 2010
Dr Doom joined forced with the Heroes to prevent the Universe from extinction.
Dr Doom joined forced with the Heroes to prevent the Universe from extinction.

The eternal conflict between evil doer and do gooders

In almost every movie and in every comics that has a Superhero have an equally formidable villain, The success of a movie or a story line in a comics depended on how the hero manage to beat his villain. Villains too must be as spectacular as heroes. They too must dress in outstanding manner.

What made the Villains interesting? The villains has to be more than a mere punching bag, it has to be superheroes counterpart, while the Heroes was stronger, smarter and better than everyone else. The Villain rejoiced in being everything else which is mean.

Some Examples Types of Villains

Insane Villain

The Joker (one of best Comic Villains)

The Joker, the clown prince of crime is the most prolific villains in the Golden Age. He has the dramatic flair of the movie gangster and an arsenal of bags of trick which included the lethal Joker venom, an electrified joy buzzer and acid-squiring flower. This is the villain full of surprises and wild stunts. This is the villain who had actually allowed himself to be tried and put to death in the electric chair simply to wipe his extensive record clean. The Joker time and time again had actually did steal the spotlight from batman in the movies by the actors who potrayed him such as Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

The Smart VillainĀ 

Dr Doom

He had a certain nobility, This genius and was considered evil because his views on evil and good differed from the normal people.He had also a very interesting background.He had a tragic child hood where his mother was captured by th devil. He himself even though excel in sciences dabbled with magic.He had also a rivalry with the fantastic four leader. He had many chances to destroy the fantastic four but somehow reluctant to do so. he assisted the heroes many times but his opportunistic nature is still inherent.

The SUPREME Powerful Villain


Arguably it can be said If superman ever crosses sword with Galactus, then superman would be swatted down like a fly. Can't resist to say those words. The Galactus was a force of nature and obliterating worlds irrespective whether it is populated or not. He had to consume world to survive. Thor actually managed to chase away Galactus away from Ego, the living planet, In an all out battle Thor and EGO vs Galactus.

The Minority leader Super Villain


He is the protector of the mutant kind but he believes that the mutant was superior. He was doing good for the mutant kind but in some situation too extreme. Hence magneto would cross sword with the X-men who believes in peaceful co-existence between human and mutant kind.His attitude combined with his complete mastery of magnetism made him on of Marvel's heavyweight.

Not Quite Bad to the Bone Super Villain

Lex Luthor

As the Head of Mega Corporation, he employs thousands of staffs and managing good effort towards developing science and medicine.Luthor contributed significantly towards city development and recovery such as building shelters for homeless, spearheading constructive effort and even funding team to fight crime. Even though he accumulates power but has not shown any desire to be completely ruthless enough in order to beat Superman.

Quote by Stan Lee on Comic Super Villains:

"In some cases, we tried to make the villains more realistic in the sense they weren't totally bad because very few people are totally good or totally bad. "

Hence to create a good Super Villain,

1) Why did they happen to be that way?

2) What and why they are trying do do the the things they wanted to do.

3) Is there a goal? what is his vision? or is he merely a simpleton?

Well for those who wanted to create a Villain or super villains for a movie, drama script, book, artwork etc, therefore one must analyse carefully the scenario, the main character and the Villain.

As Mark Twain said - A Mysterious Visit.

" Barring that natural expression of villainy which we all have, the man looked honest enough."

who is your favourite Comic Super Villain?

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Hailed as one of the Greatest Villain Battles of ALL time. Galactus vs EGO (& Thor). The Planet Eater vs the Living Planet.
Hailed as one of the Greatest Villain Battles of ALL time. Galactus vs EGO (& Thor). The Planet Eater vs the Living Planet.


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    • profile image

      Mari 7 years ago

      I'm also big fan of Joker:)

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      WHYsoSERIOUS565 7 years ago

      The Joker is my Hero