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How to Earn Money as a Public Speaker

Updated on February 3, 2016

They say that public speaking is the number one greatest fear for most people. Of course, not everyone feels this way. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a public speaker. Bold and convincing, the public speaker is in total command of the room. Or maybe you just can't figure out how to earn money in this new economy. Either way, public speaking is for you.

Do You Need to Increase Your Income?

Sometimes, it seems our dreams are hard to reach. Putting it plainly, many of our dreams take money to achieve. Many times either the price of our dreams is high or the price is low but we simply don't have enough income. It is time to get real with yourself. The truth is, you need to increase your income to get the lifestyle you want.

Upgrade Your Skills.

Many times the reason why our income is not high enough is because our skill set is too limited. The same old skills are likely not competitive in today's market. Getting a fresh new skill is a good idea. Let's take a look at public speaking. If you knew how to do public speaking and marketed it properly your income could increase.

Learn to Do Public Speaking Well.

Do you want to write your own speeches? If you feel passionately about a subject or have a writing background you may wish to do so. If not then you can pay a modest price to have someone else write it. Use plenty of interesting visuals. Hand out manipulative items to the audience as well. This keeps them engaged.

Offer to Give a Speech or Presentation.

Once you have your speech and have practiced at home seek out a venue for your speech. Where would you like to give the speech? Try to find a forum you would be comfortable in to start with. It could be somewhere in your community or at a local school. Once you have some experience speaking set your rates at what you would like them to be and continue getting more experience.

No more must you wonder how to earn money. You can increase your income by being a public speaker. You will need to learn public speaking and practice a great deal. Get your first break by suggesting to a group that you will give a talk. Good things will follow from that.

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