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How to Find Cheap Textbooks

Updated on August 18, 2014

It's almost time for another school year. College students everywhere (or their parents) will soon be scrounging up their savings to pay for books for the new semester. Here are some useful tips for purchasing less expensive textbooks.



The easiest way to find cheaper textbooks is by searching online. Ebay and Amazon can be great places to find used books, but there are also some sites that exist solely for the purpose of buying and renting textbooks.

Search for the book you need at by entering the ISBN, title, author, or a related keyword. Then you have the option to buy or rent it. To save even more money, you can sell the books you have already used here as well.

To get the best deal, head to, where you can search for textbooks from various sites and then compare them by price.



A simple way to cut costs is by purchasing ebooks instead of traditional textbooks. Ebooks are cheaper and can be easily read in class or in the dorm from a laptop or iPad. Check out and to find needed course materials.

More Tips

  • Ask local used bookstores if they carry the textbooks you need.
  • Trade books with friends if you are taking the same classes during different semesters.
  • Pay half by sharing a textbook with a fellow classmate.



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