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How to Get Paid for Poetry

Updated on December 15, 2012

Getting Paid as a Poet

No one writes poetry without at least having the aspiration of sharing poems with family and friends. Others write poetry as both part of their craft and their career. Poets can sell what they write without selling out and selling their souls.

Consider Contests

Poetry contests are offered almost all of the time. There are all sorts of contests for poets available, too. Some of these contests are for full collections of poems or poetry chapbooks, while others focus on one or just a few poems. Some contests only offer publication and a author copies, but many contests offer grand prizes, travel for a public reading and publication. Many contests require an entry fee that may range from $5 to nearly $30. Be certain that a $20 entry fee matches with an award worth the investment.

Contests are highly competitive, so be ready in case of rejection. There are plenty of scams out there, too. Keep in mind that reputable contests tend to find themselves listed with reputable publications and websites that research contest submissions.

Submit Poetry to Publications

Poetry is accepted by many publications online and in print. Many editors of college press and affinity journals accept poems, even avant garde and free verse.

Search for publications that pay for poetry. Some pay per line or a flat rate for certain publishing rights. Some pay $5 and others pay more handsomely for a single poem. The market is pretty varied as far as compensation. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines for each particular publication. Spend some dedicated time searching writers guidelines and identifying poetry markets that pay.

Publish Your Own Poetry

Self-publishing has grown popular among poets again, especially with the latest advances in technology like the e-book and podcasting. A poet can make money from his or her poetry blog with Amazon links and Google AdSense as well as other methods while selling his or her own poetry chapbooks via an online storefront like or where printed or electronic copies could be ordered. Poets can publish their own poems on products like greeting cards, stationary, and more customized items on CafePress or Zazzle. The point is for the poet to make the most of the e-commerce and other opportunities that he or she has to make money from poetry.

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