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How to Get Paid to Write Articles for Demand Studios

Updated on March 11, 2013

If you want to get paid to write articles but have little or no professional experience, submitting an application to Demand Studios is probably a good place to start. Demand Studios can also provide good opportunities for writers who have more experience but not as much consistent work as they would like. They hire hundreds of writers to write thousands of articles, so there is rarely a shortage of work for qualified applicants.


When you apply to Demand Studios, they are basically looking for two qualifications: relevant experience and writing ability. They don't require a lot of experience, but it's best if you can show some. If you don't have any history of publication, think about whether you could write an article for some sort of newsletter or similar periodical. Even a few guest posts on a friend's blog might be better than nothing. If you don't have any publication experience at all, it is probably still worth applying, but you might want to keep looking for entry-level opportunities in case you need to apply again in the future.

Whatever your experience, it's important to have a great writing sample. Most writing at DS is in the format of short informational articles, often on how-to topics. For your sample article, a good bet is to follow a similar format. Submit an article with an introduction and at least three sections, discussing a subject in clear, simple terms.

Unless otherwise noted on the application, your sample should be at least 400 words and have excellent grammar. If you're unsure of any of the grammar used in your article, check an AP style guide (the style used by DS) or ask a friend to proofread to catch any mistakes you might have missed and any sections that need clarification.

Working for Demand Studios

If you're hired as a writer, there are still a few steps you'll have to go through before you start writing. Demand Studios now uses a system in which work is divided by subject. Writers need to get approved for each section individually, based on their experience and expertise. There are quite a few sections, including science, fitness, home, garden, auto and careers. Most writers can find at least one section that they're qualified for. However, once you do you'll need to go through another application process, describing relevant education and work and submitting a writing sample on that particular topic. Following the same guidelines for this sample is probably a good idea.

If you are approved for a section, your first few articles will be specially checked, but after that you will usually be able to choose as many of the suggested titles as you want to write. Articles must be written using certain types of approved reference materials, and usually pay from $20 to $30 each.


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      Marie Alana 5 years ago from Ohio

      I went to this website and I am checking it out. Thanks!