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How to Get the Books at Zero Cost

Updated on December 19, 2015

What are eBooks?

The Term "eBooks" refers to Electronic Versions of Normal Books. In earlier days, technology was under developed, so people use to buy books for their studies and improvement. But now in this Golden Era, technology is highly developed, there is no need to buy books and carry on their weights for gaining knowledge and information. You can gain the same information through the electronic version of book i.e., eBook.

How eBooks can be Accessed?

eBooks usually requires any Electronic Devices such as Mobile Phones, PC Tablets, Personal Computer etc., for its accessibility. Now-a-Days Mobile Phone usage greatly increased as compared to that of Olden Days. So everyone can read eBooks on their go means they can read books wherever they want through their Mobile Phones, provided that their mobile phones must have the Required Software for Reading eBooks.

In Which Formats eBooks are Available?

eBooks generally available in plenty of Formats such as PDF, DOC, EPUB, DJVU, AZW3 etc. Depending on the eBook Format the application must be installed in your electronic devices.

Now, you came to know about what is eBook. Its time to know about best site providing eBooks for Free. There are plenty of sites providing eBooks for Free, among them only few are genuine others are spam. Spam Sites just place a cover of book in their sites so that the visitors get attracted. In real they don't have any eBook in their sites, Just they want to raise their income through visitors most probably through AD Impressions and Clicks.

I advice you not to follow such sites because they even transfer viruses and malwares into your computer through their websites. The Only Website that i followed till date is "Universal Free E-Book Store" - An Ultimate Site in providing eBooks for Free. This Website differs from other eBooks providing websites in terms of their support system and services.

Anyone can access any category of eBooks on their sites. There is no restriction for downloads.

They have plenty of categories, I am mentioning only 2 below:

* Medicine eBooks PDFs Free Download

* Engineering and Technology eBooks PDFs Free Download

Other eBooks Categories include Dental, Pharma, Nursing, Web Development, Computer Science etc.. A Huge Library of eBooks with almost all Categories.

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