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How to Handle Negative Situations Effectively

Updated on September 9, 2016

Life is not fair, it never was and never will be, but this is how it is designed to be by god. It’s your character that defines you even in the hardest of the situations. Tough times doesn’t last, Tough People do – start living by this great phrase when everything around you is falling apart. When everything seems going wrong, always tell yourself these things:-

This Too Shall Pass – There are times when you feel that this going to stay forever. Be it family, office, business or any damn stressful situation, its going to pass. So constantly tell yourself, that things wont be same and as bad forever.

Find Positive in a Negative Situation – When things go wrong, we fail to recognize, what’s right. We tend to start focusing only on the bad things, and it is in this situation that you should tell yourself, that SOME THINGS ARE GOING RIGHT and be grateful towards it. Intentionally start look for all then positives even that small one.

I am in Control – It becomes even more important to remember, that you still have control of the situations and you will find a way out. Even if you are not in complete control, one thing you can always control, and that is Your Attitude.

HELP – I know it can be at times difficult to ASK FOR HELP, however its one of the best ways to deal with the hardest of situations. Do not hesitate or be afraid of, to call your family members, friends or close-aides and ask for help, be it financial, emotional or practical assistance.

This Won’t Even Matter In Few Years From Here – Yes and it is fact that the problems you worry about today, actually won’t even matter few years from now.

I will Take Care of Myself – After all, all you have is - YOU so why not take care of yourself. Get rest, meditate, eat good, jog, exercise and spend time with people who you love, who make you comfortable and appreciate you. By doing this you are making yourself strong and well equipped to deal with anything that may come your way.


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