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How to Live Without Regret

Updated on March 23, 2016

There are many individuals that have a lot of pent up bad memories. Things they are ashamed of. Things they get drunk to forget they experienced. It is all because of the regret lying deep inside.

Life is all about the decisions you make. Sure we all make mistakes. Mistakes are things we can easily come back from. Most of us usually do not become an alcoholic to forget about these things.

However, regrets are the paths you were badly influenced to take. These are also paths you chose in hatred and rage or maybe excitement or anger. Regrets are distinguished by the fact that they can bother you and humiliate you forever.

This mini-article is all about showing you how to avoid ever regretting anything.

How Do We Escape Regret in Life

In order to live without regret, the thing that is needed is a strong will. This is a mentality in which you always do what you want to do.

If you want to eat an entire New York Style Cheesecake by yourself in one setting, don't, seriously, that is a lot of calories. That is not the will and type of decisions I am talking about.

There are decisions that weigh more than others. First of all, one must know what to choose not to regret.

Regret is much deeper. It is the inner voice and conscious you would want to make a habit listening to.

This inner voice comes right before you try to do something like a front flip dive into a lake like your friends to impress some people that are watching.

The Decision To Take The Front Flip Dive and The Regret

Before you take that leap, a voice in your head will say softly and swiftly, " you are going to regret this, do not do this."

But you ignore this, you do it anyway. You take a long run, jump up high over the water, chicken out of the flip, and just go flopping onto that water, SLAP!

And if you are a woman, you rise to the top of the water, your face throbbing from the impact.

As if the pain isn't bad enough, you get out to realize your bikini top is clinging around the top of your chest. This means your boobs are hanging below it, completely exposed, something you scramble to fix.

The Lesson and The Inner Voice

This is not about the regret of not buckling your body and making that flip.

This is not about the regret associated with deciding to do what others were doing and you've never done it before.

This is about the regret of not listening to your mind's warning.

It is not a premonition. It is just that your brain breaks down the facts quickly during your excitement to let you know you have a high probability of failing. It can see you are excited, but it can also see you have never done this and feel the chance you are taking. It quickly told you not to do it because of these factors.

This is the type of fail we are trying to avoid. The fail of humiliation, pain, or suffering is what we want to avoid regretting forever.

Last Note

What we have seen here is that we should always listen to the tiny soft voice.

This voice comes because your brain breaks down the decision with a feeling of resistance and a mental warning of probable failure at something you've never tried.

This is done so you will know that you might not have a good chance of doing this particular activity well, thus causing you to regret it.

And so, listening to the feelings established by our minds, can always keep one from doing an act that could lead to regret.


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