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How to Make a True Scottish Toast

Updated on October 6, 2011
Scottish Thistle
Scottish Thistle | Source

The Scots know their “whisky.” They produce great quantities of what we call Scotch and what they just call whisky. (No e in it.) From blends to world famous single malts, they are proud of the quality and reputation of the drinks they produce. They are also proud of some of their celebratory songs like Auld Lang Syne. Everybody seems to know Auld Lang Syne, but few are familiar with the following great Scottish toast.

Announce Your Toast

Make a Scottish toast by getting everyone’s attention. Stand up and lift your glass toward heaven.

Make Eye Contact

Look everyone in the eye as you say with good cheer: “Here’s tae us.”

Continue Eye Contact

Ask with eyes widening: “Wha’s like us?” Look everyone in the eye again.

Be Triumphant

Say a bit louder and triumphantly to all: “Gie few and they’re a’ deed!”


(Optional) Look sad and say “Mair’s the pity.”


Drink your wee dram of whisky down! And laugh out loud.

Translation of This Wonderful Scottish Toast

Here’s to us,
Who is like us?
Damn few and they’re all dead!
More’s the pity.


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    • anjperez profile image

      anjperez 6 years ago

      a short lecture on culture... this is funny. will take note of this if ever I will experience my Scottish toast...(,")