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How to Meet an Author

Updated on November 27, 2015

I've felt that I've always been able to take certain life situations and see them deeply for what they really are. I always just felt like I had a different way of thinking, like there was more to everything then what was just seen at face value. Most authors seem to be like this- a species of their own kind. They think and feel so passionately and then find a way to weave their passions in between words. When you're done reading something, you should feel as though you have just met the author. You should feel inspired. The book or article doesn't have to be about "how to change" in order to change you. When I had finished reading "Criss Cross," by Lynne Rae Perkins, I felt as though anything could change in my life.

Sometimes, even in life, you can't quite remember what was said but you can remember who left the biggest impression on you. After walking away from a book, I want to feel altered. I want to feel as though the impression of the book is following me long after the last word has been read. This is how I felt after reading the previously mentioned book. I believe that it was based off of Shakespeare's, "A Midsummer's Night Dream." The beginning of the book was strange, as in I didn't know where the story line was aiming to go. But this is also what captivated me. As I continued reading, it seemed to be a compilation of short stories that somehow ended up connecting to one another. When you finally think you've figured out why all of these stories are coming together, the author reveals that the timing was not right for all of this to line up. And so you're left wondering if maybe one day, these events will reoccur, but this time with a sound ending. But the ending she leaves you with instead allows for potential. Anything could happen. By the end of this book, you feel as though you have become acquainted with not only the author but also the characters of the novel.


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