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How to PASS every Examination?i.e.(CPA Board Examination)

Updated on February 20, 2017


Before an enginneer can build a house, buildings, bridges and other structures, what is the first step he do? Simply, make a plan, drawings and a clear visualization of the structure he want to build. This is what we called our VISION or GOAL. If you are a freshmen of any course or field of study, this is the best time to start to make your plans to build you're career. Have a strong FOUNDATION; First, study all you're lesson. When I'm still in undergrad, I didn't aspire to become Cum Laude or gain any academic award. From the start I prepared to pass the Board Examination. That is my focus.


  1. I IGNORE OTHER SUBJECTS. If you don't aspire to become LAUDE (cum laude, summa cum laude, etc), you can do this, but, if you're not, please ignore. Included in the Board Examinations Questions are those related to you're course. Stated differently, those lessons and learning from your MAJOR SUBJECTS. Don't be confuse of ignoring other subject. You have still pass these subjects, meaning you must allocate more time on major subjects. Its better to excel in major subject rather than become mediocre on all of you're subjects.
  2. I DON'T BRING BOOKS OR REVIEW MATERIAL DURING MY UNDERGRAD EXAMINATION. In every Examination during my undergrad I only brought calculator and pen. My classmates were always busy before every examination cramming to read there notes. A day before the Exam, make sure that you have already read and study all the lessons. You must understand every single word specially in theories. During the day of Exam, be confident that you will be able to pass the Examination. Say to yourself, " I already know all the lessons. Sit, Relax and answer. Browse first the questions, answer first the item that are easier for you to gain MOMENTUM. TIP, most of the Examiner place the easier question at the end. If you will start answering hard questions, you will end up and find out that all the questions are hard to answer. The reason is, you're brain was already drained telling yourself that all the questions are hard. If you already have momentum, you will end, saying that most of the questions are easy.

    Don't end the day without reading some of your notes. Keep on reading and reading... work for it. Do that as your daily routine.
    1. If you're foundation is not good enough, go for a reputable review center because they could give you better handouts and lecturers. 2. Your focus on the review will come naturally and other pressures will fade away as you go on by so don't be afraid, just study.. 3. Aim to pass become topnotcher, If you only aim to pass, you might fail, BUT, If you aim to become TOPNOTCHER, you might fail to reach that but instead you will just PASS the EXAM.
  4. Exam Proper. "Reading without moving your lips is better than reading aloud because you read faster. This is important especially when you take speed test like LET and Civil Service Exam." - Abdulbasit Lain
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