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How to Petition to Going to get him off the Air Cancel All Dr. Phil's Show! Should is to be Cancelled!

Updated on December 21, 2012
Handsome George Clooney!  Give him a show and I will watch every day!
Handsome George Clooney! Give him a show and I will watch every day!

Disclaimer on comments regarding Dr. Phil

For you out there who were taught if you cannot say anything good, do not say anything at all-- I want you to know that I truly believe this. However, sometimes it gets to a point where you cannot be silent any longer.

That is the case for me -- right now anyway. So if you do not want to read what may appear to be negative bashing of a "celebrity" or a so called "celebrity doctor", then please stop reading after this paragraph.

However, if you want to know how I really feel about the show, then read on. This article is of course, my personal opinions, and as a warning to you, what I say may sound very mean spirited and condescending -- but these words are strictly my own and I'm expressing my own opinion. I apologize in advance if some of my words may offend you in some way, but remember -- it's only a television show!

Cancel Dr. Phil's Show!

The last time I checked, television should be either entertaining, informative, inspiring, or of some enjoyment and benefit to the viewer. If this is true, then why is Dr. Phil's show on the air and why has it been on the air for so long?

Here is my take on first of all, why this show should be cancelled and then how to effect the cancellation.

Why Cancel Dr. Phil's Show?

What if you are like me and cannot stand to either look at him for more than 1/2 a second, or less, or to listen to such an annoying voice, less that 1/2 a second less!

I will confess, when his show first came on, I watched it for a short time, especially after it was spun from Oprah's show. Oprah likes him, so he must be ok to watch.... Right? Wrong!

After watching him verbally demean many of his guests, who were probably doing him a favor by appearing on his show in the first place, I stopped watching his show completely. My time is too valuable to waste it watching a show, hosted by someone I dislike immensely.

Dr. Phil has the man with the golden voice on his show for ratings

To be clear, I am not in the habit of watching Dr. Phil's show. No, not by any means -- no way! This topic is a lead in to when I renigged, and watched his show a while back mainly due to the appearance of the man with the golden voice on his show.

There was a lot of talk and publicity about the homeless man who had millions of views on Youtube and was said to have "a golden voice." Well, when I was channel surfing during that time, I came across him being interviewed on the Dr. Phil show.

Sadly, I watched this show as Dr. Phil attempted to raise his show's ratings by having the man with the golden voice on as a guest. While watching the show, I got up and made numerous walks away from the television, not only during the commercials, but when Dr. Phil started taking over the conversation and giving his "know it all" speech to the poor man. I could barely stand to listen to him via the television. I wonder what pain and agony the guest endured in looking and listening to this "holier than thou" television host in person.

There was another show where all the family members appeared with the man with the golden voice, and of course, Dr. Phil had to be in the mix, orally condemning the man with the golden voice for partaking of the hotel's imenities and having a drink.

Mind you. I was only watching tid bits of the show, because even though the guest was interesting to me, the fact was that I still had to watch and listen to Dr. Phil -- much to my dislike.

The last show I saw was when the man with the golden voice was sent to rehab-- and of course, stopped going to rehab a short time later.

Whew! I was glad that story was over. I did not have to subject myself to half-listen to the sound of Dr. Phil's voice, or see his face!

I never watched his show after that. I could not endure the agony and the pain.

How to Petition to cancel Dr. Phil's Show

Unfortunately, television is a business. Revenue is partly gained by money from advertisers. Advertisers go to certain shows because they are betting they will get to the viewers, who will maybe in turn buy the products their customers are trying to sell.

Apparently, people are still watching his show, because it is still earning advertising money. So how does one get around this? Here's how.

Stop Watching the Dr. Phil Show!

If you stop watching the show like I did, the ratings will go down, advertisers will go somewhere else, and the show will be eventually cancelled! Easy... right!

The problem is onesies and twosies do not result in a show being cancelled. People have to stop watching the show in groves. To help this along, I will tell you why you should stop watching the Dr. Phil show: Spread the word!

1. His show is not entertaining or informative, especially when he barks his common-sense advice that non-doctors could provide!

2. He ends his show by walking out to the audience and taking the hand of his equally sight-offensive wife and walk off the show. Maybe one day, they will both walk off the show and not return to television the next day. I can only hope!

3. His teenie-weenie cross-eyes that perfectly matches his boring monotone voice. How can anyone look at him for more than a second, and not want to look away. Uhhhhh....

4. Did you know he had the nerve to write a diet book, when to me he has one of the paunchiest bellies I have ever seen. To me, Dr. Phil writing a diet book is quite hypocritical. The nerve!

5. When he shows anger, and if you blink fast, it looks like horns sprouts from the sides of his formidable head. He fusses and argues with some guests like he is their parents! Why do they sit there and be publicly humiliated on television. Maybe the guests are coaxed and rehearsed by the producers before the show airs. Another question -- why do people go on the show at all?

This is my message to Dr. Phil's guests: Seek professional help on your own, not by a television doctor who probably has television ratings at the top of his concern list -- instead of your own well being.

There are more reasons, but I think I've said enough.

I would like to end with a personal note to Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil -- Even though you continue to be on television, one day your show will be cancelled. I will be only one of the many thousands who will be happy when that day comes.

Maybe you can return to how things were before you were on television and be very happy. I know I certainly will be!


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    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 2 years ago


      When I know that some people (thank goodness -- not all people) blindly adore a television personality who does not deserve it -- I feel it is within my rights, duties and responsibilities to speak up. Never in my years of watching television have I ever seen or heard someone like Dr. Phil spew out pompous common sense advice, in a voice that begs you not to listen to it. Have you heard the phrase -- You have a face for radio? Well in Dr. Phil's case, this phrase does not apply because his annoying voice would send most people to change the station quickly. With a mug and an obnoxious voice -- the only media left for him to spread his message, regardless of how useless, is maybe books. However, even with books, you have to endure looking at him on the cover or within the pages. The best way to escape this character is to do as I do -- turn the channel, change the station, and refuse to subject yourself to looking at him on any type media -- whether audio, visual, or written. My message to Dr. Phil is to lap up being in the spot light now for all that it's worth because it won't be long before people come to their senses and realize that they could have used that hour or so watching a pointless television show with a pointless host doing something much more entertaining and productive. Remember -- once you watch the Dr. Phil show -- you cannot get that hour back. It's gone forever -- which is what Dr. Phil, his wife and his show should be -- gone from television forever.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 2 years ago


      Looks like you take Dr. Phil's words as gospel. I regret to hear that, especially since you say that you are 38 and really should know better. If Oprah had not used him as another way to increase her millions, Dr. Phil would not be anywhere near a television camera, much less a camera that puts his mug and obnoxious voice in front of so many people who for some reason, like yourself, choose to watch. As for me, I am not wasting my time on this character. Maybe one day you will join me and the many others who share my view. Thanks for your comment.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 2 years ago


      Thanks for your comment. I don't understand why Dr. Phil's show is still on the air and other shows that are a gazillion times more enjoyable to watch are put out to pasture. Hopefully more people will agree and stop watching this show so Dr. Phil can take his pompous, know-it-all "advice" along with that wife of his somewhere else other than national television.

    • profile image

      Tammy 2 years ago

      So sad people are hateful and jealous. I think Dr Phil walk off holding hands with his wife is sweet, respectful & show the kind of man he is. You ladyhowto4u, Didn't your mom teach you if you can't say anything nice don't say nothing at all. Dr Phil helps his guest and send them to facilities that will help them.

    • profile image

      Misty 3 years ago

      I think the author is what Dr. Phil coins, "A Right-Fighter." Every comment to the contrary gets negativity and a litany of disparaging comments. I'm 38.

    • profile image

      alisa 3 years ago

      I totally agree with the article and will celebrate the day this HACK with a god complex is taken off the air.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 3 years ago

      Dr. Phil's purpose? Dr. Phil's purpose is to "entertain" people, yourself included, who do not understand that his show is a complete waste of time. I use the word "entertain" quite lightly, because I can think of a million or more things that are more entertaining than watching this untalented individual who needs to be tucked away listening to someone on a couch -- instead of showing his mug to millions of people each day. Thank goodness there is an option for me to change the channel, which I do often now that he seems to follow Steve Harvey . I still do not understand why his show is still airing. I guess there are lots of disillusioned people, including yourself, who somehow see this show as worthy of being on the air. If you prefer to watch this show, that is your prerogative. As for me I will continue to change the channel when this show comes on. I do not understand the hold up in this show being canceled. They take Jay Leno off the air -- and leave Dr. Phil? How is this possible? Dr. Phil's show needs to be cancelled quickly -- the quicker the better.

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      I disagree with you on this one, Dr Phil serves a purpose. His shows are informative and I think he is right on most of the time. The reason his shows has been on a long time is because he performs a service one that a lot of us should take to heart and learn from him, after all he is the one with the degrees and knowledge you can't beat that. He is taking people who had some bad times in their life and he is trying to point helpful ways to combat these problems hopefully we can learn from them. But like always there are some people who disagree with him I don't what your problem is but maybe you should go on the show and have a session with him you might learn something.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 3 years ago


      I totally agree with you and I'm glad that you found my blog. Recently I was watching the Steve Harvey Show -- which I watch now and then -- and was surprised when, without warning, the Dr. Phil Show came on right after it. I was not expecting that to happen. Suffice it to say, I never watch the Dr. Phil Show and try to avoid it at all costs. I instantly changed the channel. Fingers crossed -- his show will be up on the chopping block soon.

      Thanks for your comments!

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago

      I'm right there with you ladyhowto4u. I walked into the break room at work today to hear The "Dr." Phil show and immediately walked out. I am a psychology student and 99% of what he says is totally wrong. The only reason I ran on to your blog is that I was looking to see if he had been canceled. That would be a true blessing for the worlds mental health.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 4 years ago

      Since you are only in your 20's, I'll take your comments as a sign that you still have a lot of growing up to do. We all have our opinions and are entitled to them. Unfortunately -- this pertains to you too.

      If you took the time to read my article thoroughly, you would have realized that I have stopped watching this show. I have walked away from it and have not watched it since I wrote this article. Dr. Phil continues to repulse me which is why I do not watch him on television and turn my head away when he is on magazine covers.

      The only, reason -- I repeat -- the only reason he is on television is because of his association with Oprah Winfrey.

      It is past time for his show to be off the air. It is not me who thinks that the world revolves around me -- it's him. I can't believe you have not noticed how he takes the hand of his wife and walks off the stage as if he is some type of royalty. My advice to Dr. Phil is to walk off the show -- and keep walking until he is as far away from broadcast television as possible. He can take his wife with him. His leaving television is well past due.

    • profile image

      jewels 4 years ago

      I think the blogger of this article needs to be on Dr Phil. If it were only senior citizens that watch, his ratings would be so high, I am in my 20's. You do realize that you do not have to watch the t.v. when he comes on. You could just walk away or change the channel. If you can't and you would rather shut him down completely just because you think everything in this world revolves around you, you are pathetic. Try just getting over it.

    • profile image

      Sharon 5 years ago

      Anyone interested I started a petition at http://www.gopetitions/dr-phil-show.html

      I was for the show he did on April 19 2012 about Veterans returning home with PTSD. His topic was Monsters and Damaged Goods.

      My husband suffers with PTSD and he is not a Monster nor is he Damaged Goods.

      Go look at the story and please sign my petition.

    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      Courtlney Davis 5 years ago

      Martakami Campbell,

      Thanks for your comments!


    • profile image

      Martakami Campbell 5 years ago

      Great article. Thank you. Thank you. I don't know your age, but the most people that watch Dr. Phil are within his age group. Some are alo older. Dr. Phil's show generally appeals to the senior citizen demographic in the US. (Also known as the baby boomers and the silent generation.) Also the CBS network is run by baby boomers. This is why Dr. Phil has an advantage. And don't forget his great friend Oprah is a baby boomer as well. A very rich and successful baby boomer. So much for the baby boomer run networks. Not much is going to change with the programming until generation x and the millennials start their own networks and start to control their own media.