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How to Prove the Existence of God

Updated on April 28, 2016

If you are a Christian, then there has been a time when you have been frustrated trying to prove that God does indeed exist to someone who doesn't believe it. Even presenting solid evidence and historical examples does nothing to convince the gainsayer. Fact does not equal truth. Two people can take the same fact and declare different truths. For example, the atheist will point to the fossil record as evidence of evolution. And a knowledgeable Christian will also point to the same record as evidence of creation and the existence of God. Take the same fact and you get different truths.We are human beings only up to a certain point. The biggest part of our brain belongs to the anti-conscience, which is a demon. This fact proves the satanic origin of the human being. We have to transform the huge absurd content of our minds into logical and sensitive content. Only then will we become true human beings. We cannot be considered human if we act like cruel monsters, and if the biggest part of our brain is absurd. If we'll analyze the horrors of our world, we will understand that we really are monsters.I want to share one of my favorite ways to argue for the existence of God. This argument uses the passage of time to demonstrate that a purely naturally occurring eternal universe is not logical.What is the greatest question of all questions upon the earth today, and has been the one question that has not had a definitive answer? Does God exist?Many people believe that we create our dreams based on our imagination because they didn't study Carl Jung's complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation. Now that my work is ready everyone can verify that our dreams are produced by a superior mind that sends us precious guidance in the dream images, in a symbolic form. The translation of the meaning of these images doesn't depend on the dreamer's interpretation. Most dreams are about our mental health.Most people believe in God without seeking any proof of His existence. This articles gives three irrefutable proofs of God to convince the atheists about the existence of God.Ontological arguments attempt to prove the existence of God through reason. One of the most famous, and strongest, ontological arguments was offered by the famous medieval thinker St. Anselm. Does it hold water?Atheists must understand that there are several scientific proofs for the existence of God and we should respect this. The old atheist attack against religion because it was far from the new scientific conceptions and discoveries is an outdated concept today and reflects the ignorance of the atheist movement concerning new scientific discoveries that confirm the teachings of many religions.Is it possible to prove or disprove the existence of God using scientific methods? How can the scientific method be applied to prove God's existence? What is the litmus test of the existence of God? Why is everyone's experience and perspective different if God is supposedly constant?The existence of God is one thing many folks do not want to talk about today. It is imperative however to talk about this topic as society is decaying and values disappearing. Those who will rather not discuss the 'God issue' must face the challenge of discussing the consequences of that decision. Moral decadence, divorce, crimes, rape, hate, terrorism, etc., are a direct result of this abysmal error!Modern science has essentially exiled the notion of a personal God to the pages of ancient mythology. But here are seven logical steps to prove the existence of a personal God. Many of the steps take us outside of our current way of thinking but that will probably be necessary if the goal is to prove something as foreign to the modern scientific mind as a personal God. In the end, the goal is to show that the logic supporting the existence of God is more deeply anchored than the logic supporting our modern, materialistic worldview.Supposing a seven year old wrote an article about how Shakespeare was a bad writer. Of course, the 7 year old has not read anything by Shakespeare. But, he has read a few comics and, by his standard, the comics are much more likely to be good reading than Shakespeare. He has never tried reading Shakespeare, nor does he have any inclination to try it; it looks boring and a waste of time. We would not blame the seven year old for preferring comics to Shakespeare. But, given that he has never read Shakespeare, how much weight could we give to his views that Shakespeare is a bad writer?I managed to learn what exists into the dark side of the human brain by precisely obeying God's guidance in dreams in 1989, when I was 28-years-old. I understood that I really had proof of God's existence. I had to obey the divine guidance because I was an ignorant sinner, unable to discern what was good or bad. I learned the meaning of death, and how to prevent premature deaths. Besides learning how to prevent and cure all mental illnesses through dream translation, I also learned how to cure physical diseases.Carl Jung left many questions unanswered, stating that they should be answered by theologians due to their religious nature. I had to find these answers. I could do so because during my atheism I was at the same time looking for proof of God's existence, without admitting so. Those who supposedly represent God on Earth are big hypocrites because they don't sacrifice their lives in order to save the weak and the poor. Even when they help others in certain ways, they don't abandon their privileges.You should follow the meaning of dreams and abandon all lies. Every dream reflects the truth. Dream therapy based on the scientific method of dream interpretation helps you understand the existence of another dimension, beyond your limited material reality. Your life stops being wasted without purpose or definition. You understand your personal mission. You become a brilliant person.Zimmer points out that believing in evolution requires faith, but evolutionary scientists reject the concept of faith because it is not scientific. Can you see the dilemma in believing evolution?Most readers will know Kramer from Seinfeld - one of the most memorable characters ever on television - 'Cosmo' Kramer. For some, the name makes them think 'cosmo-logy'. If that's considered a bit on the 'geeky' side, so be it.Today you have scientific explanations about why you must respect your religion, why you must respect your moral principals, and why you must respect the importance of the meaning of dreams. This is a surprising evolution. Nobody could imagine that after so many scientific discoveries, and after the tremendous technological progress that characterized the 20th century, we would have to admit that we are insane and we need superior guidance. However, this is what we have to do if we want to find salvation.Have you ever caught a snowflake and examined it? You will notice that it is perfectly shaped in symmetry with six corners on each one. How can this be, you ask yourself. Aren't snowflakes just frozen moisture that enters our atmosphere? Welcome to the world of Golden Proportion.The attributes of the universe discovered by science point to the existence of God. Science leads us to the conclusion that the universe has a Creator and this Creator is perfect in might, wisdom and knowledge.The existence of God has always been a subject matter of curiosity as well as controversy. Science is expected to provide logical explanation of the world. Yet the success of science is limited only in the sphere of the material world and people still believe in God as ever before. This article attempts to provide evidence for the existence of God based on the philosophy of Gita.The messages we receive in our own dreams give us real information about the external reality and about our psychical world. When we translate these messages according to the scientific method of dream interpretation we can see that they are wise and could only have been sent by a superior brain, with knowledge and sensitivity far beyond human ignorance. The exact translation of the meaning of our dreams reveals to us the existence of a genius inside us, sending us protective and informative messages, which provide us psychotherapy.In the search for what is true, the question of God's existence stands as central one. Many believe fervently; others find God's existence contradicted by too many facts and too much logic. But God, almost by his (or her) nature, is a hard entity to find; a long search may be needed. So the question may not be so much does God exist, but "Could God Exist?" Despite any facts and logic against God, and despite God's ephemeral nature, do we have a logic sufficiently strong to say God might be here. Should our search continue?


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