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How to Purchase Books for your Kindle (save money with free books)

Updated on September 4, 2014

Book readers ultimate friend is the ebook reader and with rising popularity of self-publishing because of low cost and easy access to the consumers ebook readers are the most popular gadget for gifts as well as for yourself.

There are lots of different websites from where you can buy books for kindle. However, since its an amazon products its much easier to purchase and organize as well as save your books from amazon. Purchasing books is an expensive affair however it is good to keep in touch with the latest and free kindle books when it's being offered.

Free kindle books are offered by new authors who have self published and is a good way to advertise your work and gather a good fan base. Since new authors have a relative hard time being known for their work its much easier to offer it free. Once their books text reviewed by readers they can opt to charge a small price. Some established writers do offer their work for free but it's for a day for a week. A good way to keep up to date with the offer.

I have no experience using other ebook reader except for kindle book reader from amazon so I will be basically covering purchase of books for kindle readers and how to obtain free book or purchase for your kindle.

Purchasing books without wifi

Since your kindle is an amazon product your kindle already have access to more than a million free ebooks or thousands of paid books from amazon book store. You can browse and purchase any books they have on website and also obtain free sample of up-coming books. Purchasing a book is easy and gets downloaded on your kindle via wifi. However, if you are not using wifi but rather your trusty laptop/desktop then you can always access your amazon store from your desktop and any purchase you made will be stored in your personal kindle account, and later on you can transfer to your kindle through USB cable.

Kindle store

Kindle store is easy to access from the drop down menu on the amazon home page.


As you can see at the right hand side corner, which is highlighted with yellow color, there is a link for top paid and free books currently on offer. These list changes almost weekly and most of the new writers or published authors do offer their works for free. Currently, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code is currently on free offer. Better grab it while it last. Most of the time its the new authors who have entered self-publishing world that offers free books for limited time.

Kindle Ebook Page


Bestseller list

If you rather read books currently on bestseller list you will have two different kinds of books on offer.

a) Top paid books (I have put it as option 1)

b) Top free books (I have put it as option 2)

Books you have purchased will appear under your kindle library which can be seen from "Manage your kindle" (option 3).


Once you decide on the book then you click the link of the book which will take you to purchase page. On the purchase page you can purchase the book with 1click as shown below.


Transfer your purchase to kindle device

After purchase you can transfer the books to your kindle device through usb device. You have the option to transfer all the books that you have purchased or just few selected ones. Just click deliver to your kindle. Or if you rather start reading books in your browser you can deliver to your cloud reader. Cloud reader stores books on your computer and can be read offline too.


Worth reading the freebies

It doesn't harm to check the free books on offer and discover new authors. I have got some good books from "top free books" and after few months these books are charged a minimum amount. So a good bargain :).


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