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How to Quickly Write a Keyword Article for a Niche

Updated on June 7, 2014
quickly write a keyword article for a niche using keyword clusters
quickly write a keyword article for a niche using keyword clusters

Niche articles are the bread and butter of high ranking and converting websites. Writing them quickly is a skill that content marketers need to have (unless they are willing to shell out $50 or more for each page). There is a relatively fast process that will allow you to quickly write a keyword article for a niche. It takes about an hour to write a keyword article initially. Then it decreases for each new one in the same niche as you get more comfortable.

the Wordtracker tool
the Wordtracker tool

Step 1 - Research Keywords

Your niche is packed with keywords, which are the key when you write a keyword article. Some of them are better than others. The best way to determine which ones you should be targeting is through a combination of keyword tools. Google has a very good one that is included in its free Adwords suite and Wordtracker has a nice complementary one as well. Both of these options are free. There are pay services that have even more detailed information, but for now the free ones will do.

Input a basic phrase for your chosen niche and the keyword suggestion tool will give you long tail matches and phrases along side of the number of searches and competition for each keyword.

results for a search on car insurance
results for a search on car insurance

Step 2 - Collect Phrases

Write down as many phrases as you find that have low competition and at least 50 views per month. These phrases will be your key to writing an article ht the search engines will find. Clustering 4 or 5 good, low competition keywords in an article gives it a chance to rank for several phrases. It also helps Google and other search engines determine what your page is about and rank it accordingly. For more information on clustering check out this post on LSI. In fact, Peter Hoggan has a wonderful selection of SEO materials that can help even he seasoned article marketer.

Step 3 - Determine Keyword Density

Set your keyword density to between 1-3 %. You should mention your target keyword in the first 50 words, the last 50 words and evenly spaced throughout the article. Use it once in a bolded heading, but only once

Quick Research Tip – open a word document and search Google for similar articles in your niche and take notes. Use these to help build your own article IN YOUR OWN WORDS – add your opinions and insights to make the content yours.

Step 4 - Outline or Rough Sketch

Make a rough outline or set of topic headings for your article. His should be the bare bones of what your article is about. Frame it with questions or strong phrases then research to fill in the details. To add authority to your article, link out to a subject expert. A .gov or .edu resource will give you the most credence.

ProTip – if you are a slow typist, invest in dictation software to speed up the process

Step 5 - Write

Write your entire article without stopping. Once the first draft is finished, reread it to find any glaring errors and fix them. Stopping and starting will result in an article that is disjointed and hard to read. The entire writing process should take no more than 20 minutes start to finish.

Step 6 - Check for Plagiarism

Use a free plagiarism checker like the one from SmallSEOtools to make sure your article is unique – Google will penalize you if it isn't.

Step 7 - Do a Final Check

Reread through your article before you post it. Look for common errors like your vs. you're, it's vs. its and other word issues. Once you have decided that everything is in good shape, post it to your blog and start promoting it. That's how you quickly write a keyword article for your niche.


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