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How to Read Kindle e-Books Without Owning a Kindle Device

Updated on September 9, 2013

Kindle Device

The Kindle Device is an ebook reader from Amazon. It is a hand held device which was the predecessor of the android tablets which are so popular today. The original Kindle device was black and white and allowed you to store hundreds of books.

Today there are many variants of the Kindle Device available for sale on Amazon. These include the Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, and the Kindle Fire HD. As you can imagine each successive edition is an improvement on the older version in terms of memory storage and clarity. If you own any of these devices you also get free access to the Amazon Whispernet which is a huge online library of books.

Some ebooks are available free while others have to be bought with your Amazon account and then downloaded onto your Kindle Device before you can read them. There are websites that allow you to see what all ebooks are available for free on that day in the Amazon Kindle ebook store. You can pick what ever you like and then download that book to your Kindle account.

I Published a Kindle Ebook

Today it is relatively easy to publish an ebook for Kindle users and sell it on Amazon. Being a freelance writer with a fair amount of exposure to the online world, I decided to take a break from writing blog posts and get more creative.I have always been writing poems and shot stories since I was a kid, but I have never monetized them.

In order to do so I wrote a short novella of 35 pages. It was a fictional story inspired by the many influences in my life. Incidentally this was written way back in 2010, took me a while to actually publish it as I was busy learning the ropes and exploring the options available.

Since I was already an Amazon Affiliate thanks to Hubpages, I had been getting some mails promoting their Creative Space self publishing newsletters.I had a look at them and decided that I was not yet ready for a paper book, but decided that an ebook published with the Kindle Direct Publishing option sounded good.

So I used the common Amazon account to activate the KDP account. Then got totally confused with all the technical terms and gave it up as a lost cause. Some months later I returned to the account and began attacking each section of the form systematically.

Eventually when everything was tied up I edited the document in a compatible format and submitted it to them for approval. To say I was nervous about the whole affair was an understatement. I felt like a full football team was playing inside my stomach.

The Kindle Device is a small handheld one.
The Kindle Device is a small handheld one. | Source

Friends Coldn't Read My Kindle Ebook

After the Kindle Direct Publishing website let me know via email that my ebook was now available for sale at the Amazon website my excitement knew no bounds. I went onto Facebook and let the whole world and its cousin know about the deed.

And then came the anti-climax...Most of my family and friends do not own a Kindle Device. Some don't like to read books while others prefer the feel of a good old paper novel in their hands. They were happy for me but could not access the ebook. That's when I got a bit low. To ensure that they could read my book I converted it into a pdf file and shared it with everyone who had showed some interest in it via a message.

Screen Shot of Kindle For PC webpage
Screen Shot of Kindle For PC webpage | Source

Reading Kindle ebooks on the Computer

While the friends were enthusiastic in their response to my small fiction ebook, I was still wondering about how useless it was to publish ebooks on Kindle if no one but Kindle Device owners could read them. Then I struck upon something exciting.

I was going through the various options that Kindle ebooks could be read with when I hit upon the "Kindle for PC" option. No Kindle Device required! It seems that you can download and install a kindle software application which allows you to read Kindle ebooks on your personal computer.

All you have to do is click on the little Kindle icon on the desktop and viola, you have activated Kindle for PC. Now use the Amazon account to download free or paid ebooks to this device sitting pretty on your computer desk top and you can read all the Kindle ebooks you like.

How to use the Kindle App

Tutorial for Using Kindle App

Once you have installed the Kindle for PC application you can take a look at the video alongside to learn more about how to use it. There are tips on how to open books and adjust font sizes and a lot more.

Personally I have downloaded the software and have been playing around with the different features it provides. It does seem a little intimidating at first but as you get the hang of it you can navigate the library and pick and choose the books that you want to read.

Screen Shot of the Amazon Website showing the Kindle eBook Store
Screen Shot of the Amazon Website showing the Kindle eBook Store | Source


Step 1

Download Kindle for PC App

Step 2

Install it on computer

Step 3

Buy ebooks on Amazon's Kindle store

Step 4

Download to Kindle Library on personal computer

Step 5

Read Kindle ebook on personal computer without buying a hand held Kindle Device!

Browse the Kindle Store

Once you have downloaded the Kindle for PC application you will need to populate your library with ebooks to read. So you need to go to the Kindle ebook store on Amazon to pick your books. Some of them will be available for free and although you are asked to "buy" them at $0.00, you do not spend any money on them.

You will need to feed in your credit card details on Amazon even if you are not spending any money on the books. This can be a downer for those of you reluctant to part with credit card information online. However do keep in mind that Amazon is one of the top selling websites on the internet and has a stellar reputation.

You can browse through the different categories to pick out books that you like and then add them to your Amazon account. This online library will contain a history of all the purchases you have made and the books can be downloaded later on to the Kindle for PC application.

I created this cover for my ebook using MS Paint in under one hour!
I created this cover for my ebook using MS Paint in under one hour! | Source

Shameless Plug!

Okay, so now you know how to download and read a Kindle Ebook on your Personal Computer. So you can go and read mine too! The name of the book is "A Week is Enough to Change Your Life"!

And yes in case you are wondering, the author is Candy Laine, which is my pen name. One derived from a nickname given to me way back in school by a really good friend.

EBook Popularity Rating

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Read Kindle Books Now on Android

Hope this was useful information and that you will now be able to use Kindle for PC to download ebooks.An application exists in the Android world as well to access Kindle on your android tablet or phone. It works in a manner similar to the PC application

Do remember that you will still need to create an Amazon account to download and read ebooks. You will also need to know that some ebooks may not be available in a specific country. The copyrights laws and other factors come into such things. I'm no expert on that so can't expound much there. Any how, hope this helps all those friends of mine who wanted to read my Kindle ebook but could not.


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    • cashmere profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from India

      Thank you Annart. The trouble is most of my friends also prefer the physical feel of a real book that they can turn pages of. Although a small percentage do read ebooks as well.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      5 years ago from SW England

      Interesting! I have a Kindle and find it great for when I'm away, although I love to pick up a 'real' book when at home. I didn't know about this option and I'll certainly mention it to any friends who might find it useful. Thanks. Up & interesting.


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