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How to Study the English Language

Updated on February 24, 2013

Speak English

English | Source

To study English, as any other language, requires a little effort and dedication. There is no single formula to study the English language; however, the best one you can follow is that one in which you feel more comfortable and one that suits your personal needs.

English is one of the most widely used languages in the world. English is spoken as a first language by many nations in the world and is one of the most requested as a second language. The way in which you study English may allow you to learn and use the language easily. In this hub, I'm going to give you some advices on how to study English effectively.

Vocabulary | Source

Study Vocabulary

In order to master a language, you have to learn vocabulary. Learning to speak in a given topic, requires an understanding of vocabulary pertaining to that topic. This may allow you to write, read and establish a conversation fluently and with ease.

It's very important to acquire vocabulary, especially the one related with your lifestyle and environment, such as the house, the school, work, your neighborhood, etc. Try to put notes over the things around the house, such as those that form part of the bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, garden, etc.

Seeing the translation of the items around the house on a daily basis will allow you to learn vocabulary related to the house easily. You may use the same technique for your other interests, for example, sports, travel, shopping, etc.

If you're interested in knowing about the parts of your car. Put notes with the names of every part of your car in English, In this way, everytime you get on the car, you'll be exposing yourself to the parts of the car in English and over time, the parts of the car in English will become part of your daily vocabulary.

English Sources

  • Listen to the radio
  • Watch English TV programs
  • Watch English movies
  • Listen to English online

Immerse Yourself in English

Immerse yourself in the sources that may allow you to learn English. Profit from every opportunity that may let you be in touch with the English language. You may do this by listening to Radio in English. This is easy for there are many English stations on the internet.

Watch as many movies as you can in English. The variety of English movies abounds. You may choose your favorite genre and watch those movies that are of your personal preference. If you have cable subscription, you can watch your favorite movies on your TV. You can watch documentaries, adventure, science fiction, horror, etc. The range of english movies is very broad.

Practice Speaking

Speaking | Source

Practice English with Friends

Speak English in every opportunity that arises. Engage into a conversation with native speakers. Speak with friends whose level of English is more advanced than yours. This may help you learn the English language. If you practice English in this way, over time, you may be able to speak and sound more natural. Moreover, You may record your voice so that you may correct your pronunciation in future conversations.

Study the Four Language Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)

In order to communicate using the four English language skills, it is important to dedicate some time to study them. You may begin by listening to all kinds of sources of your interest on a daily basis, since the goal is to learn the language, the best way to learn it is by expose yourself to it daily.

If you don't have a person with whom to practice your speaking skill, you may record your voice and let the words come out of you. You can also read out loud a book story or the script of a movie, anything that can allow you to develop your speaking skills..

Writing poems, articles, letters, science fiction, love stories. This is a good practice for developing good writing skills. Practicing all of these skills may reinforce your knowledge about the English language and may allow you to communicate with other English speakers with ease.


Study English on a daily basis. If you study English for at least thirty minutes every day, you'll see the results on the short-term. Also, learn the vocabulary pertaining your particular interests, and most importantly, try to have fun while studying English. It is more effective to study something and learn it when you are doing the things that you enjoy.


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