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How to Write Featured Articles for a Publication

Updated on November 18, 2014

You need more than just good writing skill and ability to write featured articles for a publication. You need special knowledge about that certain topic. Knowing vast information about the subject is an important factor to expand your ideas into an article. You also need to follow the guideline if you want to publish your article to that certain publication.

Do Some Research

Doesn’t matter what is the subject, you should be specific about it. Focus on your topic and give a clear vision about it. Describe it with a clear easy massage. It should be easy to understand and very specific about the topic. Specific articles have more chances to be published. Look for topics that not only interest you, but also interest the other people who are actual reader of your publication. Be concerned to the news. You might find an interesting topic from the news channels or news papers. Write for you targeted audience and write with your skills.

Write Featured Articles for a Publication
Write Featured Articles for a Publication | Source

Go Deep

Now that you have selected that topic, you should dig deeper into it. Learn more about the story by researching it through the internet or books. Find out what others said about it. Different opinions will help it to compile a vast idea from different angles and with different aspects. You can find books in the library and article on the internet in that subject. Go deep into the topic and get a clear idea about. Once you have figured out completely, you will have the power to transfer it to your readers.

Give Importance to the Title

Title is one of the main aspects of your article. An engaging title will attract your audience and make them pay attention to it. It should be interesting and understandable. The first thing on the eye of your readers is the title and often it has a special impression on the publication. You should give importance on choosing the right title for your articles. Try different titles and then select the best one for it. An inclusive title will not only attract the readers but also will help you with increasing the chance of being published.

Improve Your Writing for the Publication

Featured article will rely mostly on your writing style. No matter how dull is your topic you cannot allow it to become boring to your readers. Your information should be expressed in a way that seems engaging and interesting. Try to give some fun in your topic. Readers should enjoy their time while reading your story. You need to enrich your article with flawless grammar and vast information. Publication will see if it can attract their readers and also the quality of the articles. So improve your writing style if you are not sure about it.

Set the Goal

How will your readers feel after reading your article? Will they feel confident or insecure? What will be the use of the information you shared? Set a pre goal. What will be the outcome after reading your article? Try to make it conclusive and informative. Set an aim to help the readers. They should feel they made a good deal of their times by reading your article.

Organize your Story

You should organize your article with proper heads and sub heads. People should have a clear though on just looking at your story. Give introductions an informative body and end with a conclusion if possible. That will put everything organized and give clear messages to your readers. Publications also like organized articles.

Write Featured Articles for a Publication
Write Featured Articles for a Publication

Review the Instructions

There should be some normal instruction for writing quality articles. Instructions for the featured articles may vary for different publications. Read the instruction carefully before writing your articles. Some journals like INNSPUB are flexible with their instruction and may suggest you to re edit your article. But being informed about the guideline means you will not face any problems in getting your featured article published.

Always remember to check your article for errors. Make your article funny and easy for the readers. Give clear information and it should contain a message. Make your style different from the rest. Have a happy publishing.


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    • Christy Maria profile image

      Christy Maria 

      3 years ago

      Great article,

      I am new to writing articles, especially online and trying to make income off of it. Your article has been very helpful and I will definitely be using some of these tips for my future articles! Voted up.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Nice Article. Very informative. However, you may find this article useful:

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Good, helpful tips for the aspiring writer MD. well done. Keep writing.

    • MD Muniruzzaman profile imageAUTHOR

      MD Muniruzzaman 

      3 years ago from Rajshahi, Bangladesh

      Thank you Elsie Hagley and Dr Anubrata Ghos for the appreciation. inspiration like these will surely boost up my spirit. Thanks again! :)

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      Very interesting and useful article.

      We can all learn more about our writing, even though I have been writing for a while now, it doesn't hurt to read a page like yours to remind us to produce work that is appealing to the reader.

    • Dr Anubrata Ghos profile image

      Dr. Anubrata Ghosal 

      3 years ago

      This is good advice. It took me a while to nail down all these helpful tips. But after a lot experiences I have shorted it out. Thank you!


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