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How to Write Terrific Fiction Short Stories

Updated on November 9, 2018
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I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

How to Improve Your Skill in Writing

Before you exercise writing fiction short stories, make sure you read and write in parallel. Start reading fiction stories, especially those that interest you. Some lines will grab your attention but while you will forget them, your subconscious mind will retain them. When you sit down to write your fiction story, you will see lines being drawn from your subconscious mind, without you knowing. In fact you are copying some other people's style of writing but that is alright. Keep reading a lot of books and side by side keep writing as well. Once you have put in others' style of writing, you will gradually develop your own style of writing.

What do You Actually Write About?

It is best to write about something that you truly know about. This is where your life experiences come in. There are so many events and occurrences that you have experienced by now that each of them can actually be your stunning fiction story. Yes, begin writing something based on your life experiences; that way you already have the story and you just have to put it on paper in the best possible way. Later on, you can start to design imaginary plots with fictitious characters but that really requires excellent creative and imaginary skills. It is best to start out writing from experience first and spill it out as a fiction story. If you have read 15+ books/eBooks, you are through and can begin writing your own novels and fiction stories.

Penning Down Your Fiction Ideas?
Penning Down Your Fiction Ideas? | Source

Writing for Which Age Group?

As long as the age group you write your fictions for is concerned, it can still be from your beautiful, imaginative and experienced mind. However, the same stories may not always be appropriate for adults and children. For children's books, you will have to write a fiction they would enjoy from their perspective and the same goes for the adults- you will have to write for them what they would appreciate. Therefore, for children, you will have to pretend to be a child and write from being in their shoes.

Finding a Good, Interesting Killer Title

You will need to work on bestselling titles and possible subtitles for your books. You will build lots and lots of ideas regarding titles of your books as you read and write. Also there are available online book title generators that will come up with varying book titles based on your input of keyword(s), which you can leverage to your demand and needs. Other title generators in Mystery or Fantasy categories for instance, will come with built in possible killer titles which you can choose and edit to make them more awesome. Just Google “Automated Fiction Title Generators”.

Allowing for Some Good Twists in the Story

Try to give great twists in the story and come up with a good ending. Don't leave the reader disappointed or perplexed. A good and easy-to-understand ending for your book goes a long way because people will feel satisfied, remember your work and would like to read more of your works. That is exactly how you get to become popular.

Structure for Your Fiction

Fiction eBooks should not be less than 20 pages where as books should contain a whole lot more content. You should have cover pages and back pages designed, copyright information, disclaimers, if any, preface (where you write the why and what of the book in short), ISBN, table of contents, introduction and gradually the upcoming pages of your fiction story.

Make Your Book Free from Writing Errors

Make your book free from faulty sentence structures, misspellings and grammatical errors. Ask someone good in English to proofread your book. That way your fiction stands a good chance of drawing attention and publicity by fiction lovers.

Getting into Action with Your Story?
Getting into Action with Your Story? | Source

Building a Good Subscriber Base

All along you should work to build a good subscriber base. It can start with collecting your friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances’ email addresses and provide them with blog content or articles on the topic of fiction stories. You can also send them links to your free short stories, per one biweekly, if it is possible on free eBooks sites where you have published them. After you have earned their good faith, try selling them your brand new carved out product in the form a fabulous fiction short story. Chances are they will buy it if you keep the price cheap and give you raving reviews which would boost the sales of your fiction. Also ask your subscribers to share the fiction link with their communities and that will enforce more sales.

Getting Your Book Edited and Formatted

You can publish your book in print as a hardcover one or simply as an eBook. The eBook format is more popular; however can go for print format as well if you wish. There are several agencies who can help you with the formatting and editing in both the forms. Just Google “Fiction Editing Agencies”. They can also help you with professional-looking book covers.

Publishing on Amazon

After you are done with that, you can self-publish on Amazon, following its guidelines. Usually their book e-Reader is a kindle. So you will need to format your eBook accordingly. EPUB is a common eBook format around the web but the kindle cannot read it natively. But you have the advantage of converting EPUB files to Mobi files for the kindle to read. The correct eBook format can be made available to you by the Fiction Editing Agency. For hard copy formats, customers will need to order for it and they will be shipped to their address.

Making Your Fiction Short Story an International Bestseller

Amazon is the largest retailer in the worldwide market. So once your book is published there, following the guidelines, you can use several of its features and programs and together with the subscribers on your email list and followers on social media, you can make a huge number of downloads. This should exceed the 4000 mark or so and immediately your fiction gets to the top most rank in several relevant niches, helping you to make your fiction short story a gem international bestseller over the span of next few months.

Summing up, the Checklist

1) Develop your own style of writing by reading and writing a lot in parallel.

2) It is better to plot the fiction short story from life experiences first.

3) You should differentiate about writing for adults or children as both the cases are not the same.

4) Find an interesting killer title.

5) Your story plot should have awesome twists to have the readers hooked on.

6) You should have a definite overall structure for your book.

7) Make your book free from spelling and grammatical errors.

8) Have a good subscriber base which help to boost the sales of your book.

9) Get your book edited and rightly formatted by a good fiction editing agency.

10) Self-publish on Amazon, the largest retailer in the market.

11) Make your gem fiction story an international best seller on Amazon.

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What exactly is the role of subscriber base in fiction short story writing?

If you already have a good number of engaging subscribers on your email list, then they are more likely to buy your fiction, provided you give them the Amazon link. They can also share the link with their communities, boosting your fiction's sales.


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    • surovi99 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosina S Khan 

      10 months ago

      You are welcome, guys!

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      10 months ago

      Thank you for the tips.

    • Gyanendra Mocktan profile image

      gyanendra mocktan 

      2 years ago from Kathmandu,Nepal

      Thank you for your valuable tips here. I have read it and I would like to put into practice in my writing. Thank you,


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