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How to Write Great Blog Posts

Updated on August 19, 2016

Let's talk about bussiness startegies of blogs.We posts blogs because we want to establish our bussiness through our blogs because are the easiest way of earning if you are interested in literature(Writing).In this article i will show you how to write awesome bolgs in simple ways and about the best searched blog is a great day to write the blog.Let's started...


How to Write Great Blog Posts :: Strategy and Planing

If you are a bloger you will write your one blog in maximum 2 hours.but if your are not a bloger you need planning and strategy about your blog and you have to done a lot of home work about bloging and gooleing.Firstly choose your topic about the blog and then add and searched content of your blog

Find Topic that might Interests you:

Then you have to choose a topic that might interest you and you think you can wrote it i your own words and fluently.choose a topic that really interests you because if you get bored then you will lose continuity and misses the blod standard because you have to compete with the international bloger who writes great blogs.

Wrote an Outline of blog:

For Example:

Introduction of your Blog initially.

part 1


part 2


part 3

.................... and so on....

Don't Forget about your Research on Blog:

NOTE::dont forget about your research on the blog topic about which you are going to write.its important because if you dont do your research then you eill lose continuity and lose motion and get bored about the blog posts...


Good luck!!!!

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    • Awais Chaudhary profile image

      Awais Chaudhary 17 months ago from Islamabad

      yes...good work