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How to Write Your Own Songs and Music Lyrics

Updated on January 1, 2012
Photo taken by churl
Photo taken by churl

Writing lyrics for a song has no restrictions. There is no rule saying you must to this or that in order to write brilliant lyrics. However, there are certain basic steps that can greatly help and simplify the process to writing the best work you have ever written. These include how to structure yourself and your mood into the correct mind frame to be "in sync" with the song you are writing.

Finding the correct topic or subject for the right type of audience is very important, and also how to actually write the verses to the song will make writing your own songs and music lyrics very easy. Finally, always learn to receive feedback both positive and negative in order to improve and grow each time you write a new song.

1) Set the Mood

Begin with getting into the right mood that corresponds with the type of song you are trying to achieve. Add a slower beat or minor chord to inspire a sense of melancholy or possibly sadness, or maybe a fast paced hard beat to evoke energy and drive.

2) Who is Song For?

Brainstorm who you are writing the song for. Is it to one specific person or group, or a broad audience? Try to target special words or lyrics that your audience can relate to or possibly an inside joke. For example, you would not use profanity if it was a church song, but you might discuss the topic of religion and morality even if it was not a song to be used in church.

3) What Topic or Subject?

If you already have a topic in mind and are trying to find ways to go from there, you can skip this section. Otherwise, again have a quick brainstorm of the meaning or message you are trying to convey or the idea you are trying to imply. Incorporate who this song is written for into this brainstorm also, such as a song about happiness. If it was to your loved one it could be why he or she makes you happy. If it was to the general public it could be about small things in life that makes people.

4) Writing the Verses to Your Song Version 1

In general a song will consist of your multiple verses, and a chorus to connect each verse and also create a sense of unison throughout the entire song. Since the chorus is often most repeated, the title of the song name may derive from the lyrics you made for the chorus.

Jot down a quick draft for the first verse of your song which entices the listener to keep listening. Remember, this is merely a draft and does not have the be perfect on the first go.

Continue with the story or extend on the idea you are trying to imply with the next verse and again, it is merely a draft and you can add or remove the finer details later.

Expand upon the story in the third verse to enhance the listener's pleasure and imagery This could also be you closing verse depending on the length of your song.

5) Writing the Verses to Your Song Version 2

Scan through the verses you have written and possibly reorder the words or lines to make more sense or to keep in beat with the song. For added effect, adjust the final word or syllable to ensure each second line rhymes so it sounds nicer to the ears and also accentuates the final beat of each line.

6) Receive Feedback and Other People's Opinions

Share you works with friends, family or fans to receive their opinions on your song. Not only will this bring to attention which parts of the song you excelled in but also where you could improve on. Don't be hesitant if the feedback is poor, learn from them! On the other hand, if the song is well received and it a great success, you know you have just written a great song with great music lyrics


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    • Neverletitgo profile image

      Neverletitgo 6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Great hub,Thanks for sharing.

    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      interesting, although, not being a poet, and being tone deaf, i would shudder at the song i would come up with, but it is interesting, maybe i could give it a try once... oh and thanks for following me. take care.

    • profile image

      ken 6 years ago

      Thanks! helped me ALOT

    • Info Bucket profile image

      Info Bucket 7 years ago from Kerala, India

      Good tips, help me to write songs better. Thanx.