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How to Write a Blog Professionally

Updated on April 20, 2015

Start Blogging

In case you have been writing a blog without any tangible results (such as page views), then you need to rethink your strategy. Use the following tips in your endeavors to learn how to write a blog professionally.


1. Focus

Learning how to start a blog is easy, what you need to do is find your focus and capitalize on it. To do this, start by uncovering who your target audience is. Once you settle this, you can home in on particular niche categories and find ways to become an expert at them!

2. Permeate Your Personality

The only way to relate to your target audience is by being yourself. Bloggers are set apart from newspaper article writers by their voice. This means that your content should be able to draw readers in simply because you gave your personality to it. Use the right voice, and tone to let your readers know your thoughts, musings and ideas.

3. Link

Always link to other website and blogs that contain great information. You can also consider linking your new blog posts to past posts on the same venue. This will increase your clicks while helping with your search engine rankings.

4. Use Images

Even though readers are primarily attracted to your blog because of the personality and information contained therein, you also need to stimulate them visually. Take advantage of those posts that lend themselves to certain images.

5. Respond to Comments

By responding, you are capitalizing on opportunities for directly connecting with those people who have taken the time to read your work. Of course, not every comment warrants a response. However, ensure you always respond to every comment that does. You might also want to consider thanking people who read and comment on your posts.

6. Use Social Media

Post every post to Google+, Twitter, Facebook and every other social media on which you have a profile or an account. Social media marketing is among the best ways to tout posts. It will make it much easier for you to reach more people.


While writing anything on your blog, do not, under any circumstance:

1. Don't Set Unrealistic Goals

You know your abilities and schedule better than anyone else. Therefore, you should not to post on a daily basis if you know you cannot. Consider posting weekly, or when you are in the groove. You should then streamline the process, for instance, by increasing your posting where possible.

2. Don't Limit the Word Count

Even if you feel like you are blabbering, you should always say what you need to say. Search engines and reads prefer meatier pieces to make click-through worth the effort. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should not feature short pieces. Just ensure you bread down all antiquated perceptions about blogs having to be short. If the time is right, go long by all means.

3. Don't Make Grammatical Errors

Correct every grammar error as soon as you notice it. People on the internet generally tend to be lenient. However, you cannot profess to be a professional blogger if you keep on repeating the same grammatical errors.

4. Don't Be Negative

Never use your blog to air your personal grievances publicly (of course unless that is the core theme of your blog or of a particular blog post). You will notice that it is easier to go further when you are supportive, inspiration and positive to the community you wish to converse with using your blog.

5. Don't Write Long Paragraphs

Readers have a hard time going through long blocks of text. This is especially when they are reading on tablets or smartphones. Therefore, consider breaking your content up into shorter paragraphs, lists and bullet points when this allows. Where possible, work in a number of subheads.

6. Do Not Experiment (Too Soon, Too Much)

You should allow your blog the breathing space it requires to grow. This only works when you take calculated risks every once so often. Whether it is adding personal stories, bloggers or inforgraphs, it is imperative that you are willing to try out only those things that have been used before.

You're Ready to Start Blogging

There is more to blogging than meets the eye. Most people assume that bloggers spend the entire day to come up with creative content that will later be launched out there in the blogosphere. However, the reality on the ground is completely different than you might realize.

My final advice: the only time you should show your emotions in writing is when the blog post requires this. Forget about all the stress that troubles you, keep it aside, and write sensible things your audience can relate to and that won't wear you out over the long term. And yeah, every now and then you should take a break even from blogging!


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