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How to Write a Cover Letter for a job/Internship Abroad

Updated on June 6, 2012

Key to Successful Job Application

Hi Folks,

You must be wondering how difficult it would be to search for a job online among the available openings in an organization. Opened vacancies matching your profile do not mean that you will get a selected for that dream job. Apart from your qualifications and the availability of jobs, a very important thing to remember is to have a sound knowledge of How to apply for that particular job. An employer will get a first hand impression from nowhere but your cover letter where you show your intend to get employed in the company.

This might seem little hard to choose the best language among thousands of sample cover letter that you could find on web, here is a little trick to impress your employer just by typing a few magical words in your cover letter.

An Employer is basically looking for a person who can assure him that he/she will not disappoint him/her during the service period. And to a great extent, your cover letter could be the biggest messenger to help achieve this. Mainly, what you need to exhibit in your cover letter is you have to match your qualifications and intend to the requirement of the Candidate profile rather than praising yourself. It would be a better idea to write a few words about some achievements of the company which impressed you and helped you motivate to apply for the particular vacancy so that recruitment officer may think you have done your homework and are not spamming his inbox.

Here is a sample cover letter for job

Above is one of the example of a short,successful and to-the-point Letter
Above is one of the example of a short,successful and to-the-point Letter

Keys to Successful internship application abraod

Have you ever thought of an international tour and that too for free of cost!!

Yeah, that can be made possible by your talent of impressing your host mentor/employer in expressing your interest in what he has to offer and and being qualified for the same. That is not a big deal at all if you are already studying in a reputed university/institute.

What you have to do is give your time to find out the universities and the relevant project works that suit your current qualifications/department of study.

You just need to search out the universities and the departmental faculties' email address and area of specialization and if that matches with your field of study , that might prove a bonanza for your upcoming international tour very soon free of cost rather with some earnings as well. Just be careful choosing the words that you throw in you applications which should be relevant to your host's field of research. If the host likes your profile, he can bombard you with a lot of cash something you never imagined and you study could be so useful even before graduating.Below is shown a successful sample application for internship in Ireland.

A success to free international trip


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