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How to Write an Effective Sports News Article

Updated on April 4, 2015

Tips on Writing an Effective Sports News Article

People’s interest about sports is vastly growing now a day. Sports don’t come anymore as for fun only but as a passion and as a profession as well for most people. On the other hand of sports, many people see it in a much different angle and perspective. In having so, many people see this field as a good ground to start writing and even to earn cash for living; but before you jump start writing your first ever masterpiece, here are some useful tips and hints for you to have an effective and efficient sports news article.

A good sports article catches the eyes of its readers first at its title line. A good title must not be that wordy, but it should be catchy and would make the readers curious about the content of the whole story itself. The title should be in present tense since readers are expecting to read fresh and new stories about their desired sports. A good title should leave the readers hanging and thirsty about the article itself, for them to have the mindset that they should finish reading the whole sports news article.

On the next line, the article should answer the following questions and provide information about the specific sport you are writing: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. A good sports article should have answered these six questions in the first part of the article or more precisely, in the first paragraph to give the readers the insight of what really happened in the specific sport you are writing for. An effective sports news article should give the readers the feeling that they are really right at the moment, watching the sport itself. In this case, the writer acts as the eye and the ears of the readers to make them feel satisfied and fulfilled with what they have read, making the sports article a true success.

In compare with a normal news article, adding some spice and sugarcoated words is not illegal in sports news. Adding flowery words in the article could make the readers feel excited and the game thrilling even though it is not. Using words like Pulverizes, Smashes, Shoots the Heaven or any other words you feel would make your article so exciting and appealing is much applicable in sports articles.

News and Sports writers both use the Inverted Pyramid as a basis on what should be and what should not be the content of the article. As I said, answering the 1H and 5W’s in the first paragraph is a must in any sports news article. The supporting details should be followed up on the second up to the third paragraph of the story. It is most important for the second paragraph to contain the turning point of the game, the game changer that makes the winning team win, and the losing team to lose. Try to write a rally between the teams or the players just to give a great impact to the readers that it was a tough, good game even if in fact, it is a one sided game from tip to end. If you have interviewed notable personalities in the preferred game, It is recommended to put the interviews on the third or in the last paragraph and if possible, to quote what they have said directly to bring an impression to the readers that they are the ones talking directly to those who were interviewed. The last paragraph could contain the least important details about the game like who are the referees of the game, or the number of crowd present when the game happened.

The most common sports covered now a day are basketball, volleyball, football and tennis. These four major sports are the most critical sports to be covered since there are lots of eyes lurking about these famous sports, making it a lot more difficult to write and to be acknowledged since there is a big pool of writers who are competent and passionate as well in writing. Here are some specific tips on how to be effective in writing sports articles about these major sports.

If you are covering a basketball game, make sure you take note of those players who shined most in both teams. Cover up their points, fouls, their most impressive moves, and their mindsets before and after the game. Take note as well of the coaches, their plans, strategies and their adjustments all through the game. Just to be different from most writers, try to be unique in seeing the angles of the game. Try to write articles about the losing team or losing players, their plans, and their mindsets for their upcoming games. This would surely make you different since most writers do write ups about the winning players or teams. If you are covering volleyball games, try to make the article so thrilling. As like in basketball, take note of the players who performed well in the game. Take note of those players who scored most, players who had significant and crucial blocks and the turning point of the game. Try to give the readers the spirit of the crowd in the game through reading. In covering up a football game, it is important to take note of those players who scored significant goals, fouls, penalty kicks and more. It is also important in a football game the specific player who scored the goal and the corresponding time it was scored. Try to see and take note of significant substitutions and again, the turning point of the game. Lastly, In terms of tennis games, it is important to take note of the players’ scores, their faults and the sets they have won against each other. If possible, try to know what is their current rank in the tournament or if it is a global competition, their current rank based on the International Tennis Federation.

Thank you for your time reading this article. I hope you have learned something on how to write an effective and efficient sports news article. I hope you would again find time to read my other posts at Enjoy and have a nice day!


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