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How to Write and Publish a Book

Updated on December 1, 2014

If you are a researcher or a blogger and looking for a credible way to share your ideas, thoughts and learned information, then write and publish a book is the perfect thing to do. After the invention of kindle readers and other reading devices, online books are becoming far more popular day by day. So this is the best time for publishing a book for the authors, researchers and even bloggers.

If you are trying to write and publish a book then this article might help you to be in the right track. I am going to discuss about some major factors for publishing books

Choose the Right Topic

This is probably the most important part of your plan. You should develop a topic of your expertise in an engaging way. If you have strong knowledge in science, you should write your book in that subject. Do not get too notional or critical in analyzing, people love to read easily told stories as well as theories. Do some researches if needed, check other writings on that particular topic and set up you writing. Enhance your knowledge on that certain topic before writing.

Get a Perfect Plan

Now that you have chosen your topic, you should concentrate on planning for it. Decide what will be the ideal length of your book. Divide your future work into different steps, get a strategy and follow this throughout writing and publishing. In addition, you need to plan a budget and time for this book.

Do the Homework

Planning is not going to put an effect if you do not follow it. Follow your strategy. Know the rules and regulations before publishing your book. Make sure, if you want only to publish your book online or you also want to print it. Choose a right publisher for your book. Do have a nice cover art for your book. Readers will be excited if you have an attractive and nice designed cover for your book.

Find a Publisher

Find a publisher that is perfect for your book. There are different publishers who publish books in various nieces. Some publishers publish books and journals in specific subject. There are many publications like INNSPUB, Frontiers, Informa, Oxford, Cogent OA, etc, where you can publish your book. Just find the right one for you determining the subject of your book and follow their guidelines.

Develop Your Strategy

You should have a strategy on selling and marketing for our book. Make some short term strategy for write and publish your book. You can create a website for your book, sent emails to the potential customers or can promote your book through twitter, Facebook, etc. if you are writing your book in a specific subject, then you should connect with the people interested in the same subject. Like if you are writing a book based on science, you should consider connecting the people from journals, blogs, etc. If you have a plan on printing your book, you might make a campaign on newspaper or even on TV, Radio etc.

Tutorial on Writing

Market Research

Find other books in the same topic of your book and discover the top selling ones. Find out the qualities of these books and make notes. Read more books to improve your knowledge. If you choose to publish your book in online market then you should find a good publisher. Find out the perfect publication for your book. Have a market research. Read some reviews about the publications and then decide which one is the best for you.

Publish a Book
Publish a Book

Stay Motivated

Always stay motivated in the process of writing a book. Every writer faces a period when they can’t focus on thinking and stop writing. Take some breather and start writing after a break. And publish your book rather than putting it in your drawer, see what others are saying about the book. Find the required criteria from the authors instruction, if you are writing for a specific publication. See their given instruction on how to write and publish a book from their given guideline.

Not every writer get famous from their first book, most of the renowned writers have their tough time in the beginning. So do not loose hopes if your first book doesn't cover your expectation, embrace the experience and use it for the next book. If you taken care of all the maters then you will have a smooth time for write and publish your book.


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