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How to be Comfortable Expressing Your Creativity

Updated on May 14, 2019
surovi99 profile image

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


While expressing your creative talents, you may be pulled in two directions, without deciding what to do. One side pulls you to express your creativities. The other side feels extremely uncomfortable. There must be a way out. Continue to read on.

What Forms Can Creative Talents Take?

Creative Talents can be in the form of writing, painting, playing music, singing, etc all four of which I possess. All the four activities are ok for me so long I keep them to myself. The moment I go out of my comfort zone to share with the world, I feel extremely uncomfortable. How do I get rid of this feeling?

Does Your Creativity Lie in Playing the Piano?
Does Your Creativity Lie in Playing the Piano? | Source
Or, Would You Rather Paint?
Or, Would You Rather Paint? | Source

How to Get Rid of Uncomfortable Feelings?

I publish articles frequently on various platforms so that the odd feeling doesn’t creep into me any longer. I still remember the first writing piece I contributed to my school magazine and how I felt extremely restless soon after. My experience with writing tells me that we should be doing more of the stuff we dread doing and then we can be in sync with our creative talents.

Why I Rarely Play Music or Sing in front of an Audience

People have praised my voice and even complimented that it is melodious. But still, I don’t get the strength and confidence to play or sing even in front of a small family gathering. Why is it so? Simply because I dread I would make mistakes and mess everything up. So what is the remedy? Go out there and give yourself a shot. Sing and play no matter what, and you will have conquered yourself, and there will be no turning back.

What are the Steps in Conquering Your Fears about Expressing Creative Talents?

Ask a friend to be present while you play music and sing. Ask them how they would rate you. Bring more friends and play and sing. Ask them to join you. Have fun. Tell yourself expressing talents is fun, which is not to be taken too seriously. Gradually open up to an audience and exhibit your talent. See how it goes. You have practiced in front of your friends and so have the brevity and confidence that nothing could go wrong.

What Makes Me So Good at Writing?

I read and write a lot. I write fiction stories, self-help books, articles, and blogs. And I enjoy reading fictions and self-help books from time to time. Reading and writing in parallel helps me to keep my practice of writing fruitful. This helps me to write great pieces.

What Makes Me So Comfortable with Writing Online

I am comfortable with writing online because I know nothing could go wrong. I know what I will write about and have enough facts to back them up. I research on the web. Above all, I know I can have them published. So I have no anxieties or worries. And that makes me feel at ease as well.

Where is Your Block in Expressing Creativity? Identify & Rectify.

After all this discussion, you should have identified your blocks in expressing creativities. Rectify them along the lines I have already discussed. If you need further help, take the assistance of a coach or mentor. That should dissolve your problem.

Monetize Your Creative Talent

Once you have dissolved your blocks in expressing your creative talents, get into the flow and express them more and more. Finally, monetize them so that you can quit your day job and do something that you always love and earn your living passionately. You will never have to work another day again. It is that good!

Summary, the Checklist

1) Creative Talents can be in the form of writing, painting, playing music, singing, etc.

2) Do more of the creativities that you dread doing in public and then you can be in sync with them.

3) To conquer your fear of expressing creativities, do them and make them known to a friend initially, then to a group of friends, then a gathering and finally a big audience. You will make it because you have been practicing all along.

4) Monetize Your Creative Talent(s) and you will never have to work another day again.

Poll Time

Which one among the following creativities would be your cup of tea?

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    • surovi99 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosina S Khan 

      23 months ago

      Yes, Lorna I always use these tips to overcome my fears in expressing creative talents. Since they work for me so well, I thought it would benefit others as well by sharing them here. Thank you!

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      23 months ago

      Hi Rosina, I enjoyed reading this article and I can certainly relate to those fears which can hold us back. Your article as great tips to overcome these fears - thank you for sharing.


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