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How to be a writer with a difference.

Updated on November 27, 2016

Llamas (Lama glama) in the sunset

Llamas (Lama glama) in the sunset near San Pedro de Atacama at an altitude of approximately 2,400m (7,900 ft), Chile Norte Grande.
Llamas (Lama glama) in the sunset near San Pedro de Atacama at an altitude of approximately 2,400m (7,900 ft), Chile Norte Grande. | Source

Bach - Double violin concert in D minor 2nd movement, Largo


Write manuscripts and forward them to publishers. In this way you receive in-depth feedback. Look for a mentor. A mentor can be a dead one by way of reading their well written books, or a living being. Age of the mentor does not come into question so long as they have the experience you are looking forward to benefit from .Read widely. Start a blog. If you can’t afford your own website then go for free blog platforms. Wordpress has such a service. Being active in social-media- networks such as Facebook and twitter serves as a gauge to measure your popularity. This is the forum from which you will learn what people out there enjoy more to read so as to base your niche on this. However don’t be over-carried away by encouraging comments from your social media friends. They are known to complement people with no writing skills to venture into professional writing.

Charles Dickens statue

He wrote very many books within his lifetime. A great man to emulate in writing.
He wrote very many books within his lifetime. A great man to emulate in writing. | Source

Don’t lie in your article plot

The truth sometimes is not as sweet as a lie. Writers are sometimes tempted to add some salt to their stories if just to add some flavor to it. The more truth found in your submissions, the greater the trust you will enjoy from your readers. It becomes even trickier when a trusted writer is caught having lied in one of their big stories. Those who had taken them as mentors and celebrities become very bitter after they realize they had been tricked into celebrating a cheat. Trust me, they will never forgive you for that.This single incidence can be very damaging to your trust ranking as a writer. Remember, credibility is like great wealth. It takes a lifetime to earn credibility but only a while to lose it.

William Shakespeare

Everyone in the world of some education knows the man. He was the greatest writer that ever lived.
Everyone in the world of some education knows the man. He was the greatest writer that ever lived. | Source

Explore the option of self-publishing your books

Publishing houses are not that many. They tend to trust only manuscripts from established writers. New and upcoming writers find handles put in their way anytime they submit a manuscript for consideration by these publishers. They are often advised that their choice of genre has no place for the market. There are times when your manuscript is changed so much by these publishers in the editing process that when it is finally published as book you disown it. Other times the publisher will promise to publish your manuscript only for the promise to tally for a long periods of time before or if ever it actually materializes. Self-publishing is expensive and difficult. You need to find market for your end product which might turn to be another nightmare. Bookshops and dealers will most likely favor to sell productions from established publishers. This leaves hawking for customers as the only viable option for self-publishers. However if things were to turn out fine, then you earn more than you would from publishers.

Chinese calligraphy water

You can use many types of media to pass your message.
You can use many types of media to pass your message. | Source

Present your manuscript for editing

A good publisher will employ editors for submitted manuscripts. Editing pinpoints illogic such as change of characters’ name in a confusing way. When john is called Joan in subsequent pages of the same novel then the reader gets lost. It also ensures that the author gives the ages of the characters in a logical way in the course of their writing. One should be younger in the first pages than in subsequent pages of the book. The author should pray that the publisher gives their report on submitted manuscript in good time. Three months wait period is logical. Anything beyond this is very stressful to the author. Of course an editor noticing spelling mistakes in your script will quickly loose interest in it. How many more mistakes are in this script? They will be overheard lamenting, before dismissing the manuscript as substandard.

Exclusive property

Come up with exclusive stories and books. Earn so much money that you simply end up living like a king.
Come up with exclusive stories and books. Earn so much money that you simply end up living like a king. | Source

Know people. You are in authoring for profiteering

There is no point of coming up with numerous manuscripts only for you to be stranded on which publisher to approach for printing. Those with good connections find it easier for their works to be published. You can, like, attend numerous writers’ forums and seminars in hope of building a network. Publishers always visit such seminars. Find a mentor who will guide you in the writing business. When you were young you must have celebrated one of the renowned writers of those days who in the process inspired you into taking on writing as a career today. Talk to this person into being your mentor. They are always happy to work with people who claim to celebrate them. The bottom line is, know people.

Check and crosscheck your facts

Today people are fond of getting judicial redress in case they feel they were misrepresented by a writer. Compensation for such a mishap can run into millions of US dollars. Editors dislike carrying an apology in their pages. This is a sign of weakness and editors really don’t like be involved in such. If you are working for a newspaper and bring them into this, it might even cost you of your job. Always remember that people you are reporting on are also business minded and would not waste a chance of earning big from your misreporting. This does not by any means imply that reporters and writers should not be bold. The bolder your reporting the more popular you become so long as this is not at the expense of truth.

In conclusion

We have these writers who come up with big captivating titles for their books or articles but these have practically no relation with the body of the article or book. Nothing in their writing reflects their fat title. Your readers feel cheated and next time round will not take your big titles with the seriousness it should receive. Again don’t be a writer who just ends up filling your historical experiences in your articles or books. You might be dismissed as a boast and the process lose people's interest. Very few people are interested in reading personal matters. Always try to stick to the point.


England, UK

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This is the home of the greatest writers to ever trend earth. William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.


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