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How to be brilliant in writing

Updated on March 27, 2016

how to be a good writer

There are many ways for you to become a good writer. Perhaps, the most effective one is to kidnap one and make him write for you, while holding him captive and giving him lots of coffee. If only it was not illegal Well, not everything in this life is perfect. Becoming a writer is a long journey, full of unexpected dangers, challenges, creepy hallucinations coming from your imagination and constant desire to finally give it up, go get some pizza and forget the whole damn thing as a nightmare. However, there are some people who can not imagine their lives without writing, and if you are one of them, I will give you some tips on how to turn this journey into the most exciting and unforgettable adventure of your life. First of all, it is important to write about things you have personally experienced and felt with every beating of your heart. Dont be afraid to get emotional and let your ultimate fears, dreams and aspirations come to the surface. Readers will always appreciate your honesty and they will feel connected to you. You are human, they are human, they are sure to understand your problems, just be sincere about them. Secondly, read more. The only way to improve the writing is to devour as many books as possible, as they are sure to give you the sense of style, structure and ability to capture the attention of the reader. It is also a good idea to start writing a diary, which you can use every time a fresh idea or an image of future story comes to your mind. There, you can even jot down the ideas from your night dreams, as it is a common fact that the best stories writers see during their sleep. You can become so entangled into creative process, that it will be almost impossible not to forget about the real world. Living only in your fantasies is an absolutely wrong idea. So please, go public! Do not be afraid to meet new people, to go to the parks, bars, theaters, to travel to new countries. If you do not live your life to its fullest, you wont have anything interesting to write about! Push your boundaries, experiment, talk to people, be part of something and you are sure to be not only the good writer, but also the most exciting person other people have ever met. Get rid of your fears and finally let the world know what a treasure you are! The easiest way to do that is to create your own blog and to give it heart and soul. Overcome your insecurities and send your stuff to every person you know, to every editor, to every publishing house. You have nothing to lose and earlier or later you will get your works shared. Craziness is the common trait of all writers, so use this useful advantage of creative people and become famous, you deserve it! =)


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