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How to become a Game Writer

Updated on November 8, 2015



A passion for gaming

The main quality expected from any game writer is their passion for games and gaming.

Are you the kind of person who got so addicted to a game that you forgot all your meals and sleep and just sat down for a straight 10 hours to simply go ahead in a game and play it?

Then this is the right place for you - The Gaming Industry.

Even if you're not a game frenzied person, it's important if you at least have seen others playing and liked the whole look and feel of it. But any company that you apply for would prefer it if you have played quite a bit of games and know how it works.

It is also good to read the books written along side certain games like Halo and Assassin's Creed so that you know the back story of the game. After all, you're going to be the one who's going to write the next one in the near future.

Games are my life!

Writing skills

Time to brush up on those rusty writing skills pal!

You can't become a game writer without being able to write good stuff. Whether it be a novel or even just a journal, writing daily helps to improve your vocabulary and ability to frame good, meaningful sentences.

Read a few story books alongside as you go as they help you gain more ideas and help out with creative writing. I'm not saying you steal the ideas of another person, but something might inspire you to write something else.

Jot down points related to a story in a small note book and collect all your ideas. Return back to them later to form something wider and bigger. Soon you'll have a full fledged story coursing through your book,


Make your own games

A great way to understand how a game works other than by playing it is to make you own game.

Be everything at once: The game writer, designer, animator and developer.

Get someone along with you if need be to make developing games more fun.

After your game is ready, try putting it up in gaming competitions in events like IndiaHacks for instance on Hackerearth. Or you can even upload it as an app on the Google Play Store or Apple iStore.

There are software like Unity 3D and Stencyl to help you get started.

Or better yet, make a cool presentation and sell it to a company to make a few bucks :D

Game development

Join a community

It helps a lot to join a community and subscribe to newsletters or free digital magazines that will be delivered to your inbox. Stay up-to-date with news related to gaming and contribute your own share of wisdom in gaming articles.

Game Industry Career Guide and IGDA are good examples. Magazines like Skoar! are a good read.

Writers' community

Compete with others

Join various competitions, be it online or offline and compete against other writers just for the fun of competing.

When you write as part of a competition, your real ideas come out and you try your best to present them as perfectly as possible.

Winning prizes not only earn you money but also give you further encouragement to write more and in a better way.

Some books to read

As a part of research and understanding how to go about writing content for games, read any and every book you get related to gaming. Some good examples are:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing
  2. Rules of Play : Game Design Fundamentals
  3. A Theory of Fun (this is a quick read and is available free of cost online)
  4. Game Design Foundations

Extra research from books


A video on bad game writing

The End

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