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How to become a writing machine for earning money within a short period of time?

Updated on January 7, 2010

Writing is a hard work but you can make it easy.

Writing is not an easy work at all. Many peoples know that they can earn money by writing articles online. But then also why everyone is not becoming rich by this work of writing? The reason behind this thing is that, the writing is not an easy thing. It requires so many mental work and natural talent. First of all you need a proper subject. You must have to select a subject which has some valuable content along with valuable keywords by the point of view of earning money.

You must have to become a writing machine. The input for that machine is the subject. So to become a writing machine take one notebook of 200 pages. Reserve each page of this notebook for one article and then take any subject which comes first within your mind. You can start with this or that. Any subject whatever comes in your mind. Then write the first sentence .concentrate on the subject of this sentence then automatically next sentence will come within your mind. Writing one page of the half size notebook is not a difficult task. This is very good trick or technique to convert the difficult work of writing to a very easy task.


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