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Key to Lasting Emotional-Security and Happiness

Updated on September 23, 2019
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International Life-Coach, she loves writing Articles and blogs on subjects related to self-help and personal-development!

You are looking for happiness but do you know that happiness lives inside all of us. When we seek this level of happiness, a portal of exquisite emotional-security is opened. What you need to do is to access this key to reach a level of happiness & emotional-security. How? One of the ways is by becoming our own bff. When we do, we are unlocking the secret which was hidden from us from a long time.

Being Your Own Best Friend

What does it feel like to be your own Best Friend?

It feels truly peaceful, relaxing, intoxicating and truly beautiful. My mind and heart sing in joy. It feels beautiful though it might sound very strange to a majority of people as human naturally tend to seek outer validation. Seeking validation from myself have been an Art which is built through constant effort and practice. Being my own best friend feels like having someone beside me who is 24/7 here to support and pamper me.

Just imagine for a second that there is this one person who on this earth is ready to do whatever it takes to shower unconditional love and affection upon you. Imagined? How you felt? Beautiful? Well, it does take true commitment.

Being Your Own Best Friend is Important

Why being your own best friend is important?

It is the starting of building a beautiful relationship with yourself. Being my own best friend helped me to open a space in my heart to also receive beautiful true bonds from others which were coming my way. I found myself to be more accepting of emotional-connectivity with others which most people push-away.

If you cannot learn to be your own friend first then you cannot truly feel comfortable sharing your secrets with yourself - then you cannot really know yourself and wonder why life sucks. Being your own bff is important for growth as your inner bff is going to guide you towards the right-direction.

Benefits of Being Your Own Best Friend

When being your own Best Friend can help you?

24/7 - you heard it right. At times when nobody was there for me, i was with myself - encouraging me, motivating me in tough times which life threw my way for me to learn various life-lessons which is now helping me and my clients and now it help you as well.

I recommend that everyone should experiment this and we can proudly create a movement called 'International Own Best Friend Movement'.

Do For Yourself

How to be your Own BFF?

The same rules applies when we choose ourselves as our Best Friend as when we choose others. Just do whatever your ideal bff is ready to do for you, do it for yourself. I am my own BFF and currently I have 3 other beautiful souls as my best friends but being my own bff helped me beautify better bonds with them. Being your own Best Friend doesn't mean to end connections with others but it is the beginning of this realization that in order to build real bonds with others, we need to build real-bond with ourselves where light shines from within. It helped me, my clients worldwidely and you can benefit from this as well.

Do Not Give Up!

If you are not happy from inside, can you be happy from outside?

Having best friends is great but being your own best friend is greatest of all as no-one can know you more than Yourself!

© 2019 Shreya Sabarwal


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