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How to create kindle books quickly

Updated on February 22, 2017

First off I am not a lawyer nor do I have any legal expertise so I cannot say whether or not these methods of all legal or not. Make sure to research all of them thoroughly to make sure you are not breaking any laws before using any of these methods. Different states may have different laws so be sure to be thorough.

The first method of writing a Kindle book very fast in order to get it out in the Kindle store and to start making you money. This method we will call public domain compiling. What this means is that you can use any public domain work in order to create your own book or you can we publish a public domain work. Public domain is any work that does not have a copyright; normally this means about 70 years after the death of the author or the corporate authorship. This can also be defined as 120 years from the creation. The most common public domain area to find books is any work or book published or republished before the 1900.

To use this method what you would do is he would search on Google for public domain books. There are many different sites that offer public domain books. One such site is called domain another is called the Gutenberg project. Even though these sites have books that are considered public domain make should I check each one carefully before using any piece of it to ensure you do not face any legal repercussions.

Once you found a site that has many public domain books and works that can be downloaded for personal use you can then begin the creation of your Kindle books.

There are two different ways to do this one you can simply take the book and we publish it. However, the problem with this is Amazon does not allow you to do this without making significant changes. In addition, easy way to overcome this is if you put the book in Microsoft Word, you can then use the replace function and change character names. Another way to get around this is to add your own unique artwork to the book. Both of these methods allow you to offer significant change to the book without much work.

The second method is to take pieces from different books or works and compile them yourself into your own book. For instants if you wanted to create a book of short stories you could take short stories from different public domain books that all have the same type of theme and create your own book using them. Another method would be if you wanted to do a nonfiction book, you could do a collection of essays on a specific topic. For example, you could call it advancement in science and take different essays of sections of books or works from public domain and placed them together in your own unique book. If you decide to use this method you may wish to write your own prologue or prelude to the book to give it your own unique twist into explain the concept or intent of your book.

With this public domain method, the main effort you have to put in is in the formatting. Many public domain books do not come formatted for kindle. This can take you some extra time and effort to do. Alternatively, you can put them together the way you want and then hire someone to put them together formatted for you. However if you want to do it yourself there are many templates available online to help you. Just Google something like free Kindle e-book templates.

A second method to getting quick kindle books made and published is ghostwriting. This method unfortunately will end up costing you money, as you will have to pay a ghostwriter to create the book for you. Make sure to vet your ghostwriter first to make sure I hear she has experience and knowledge in the area you are creating the book. Also, make sure your contract has a way for you to get out of it if the author does not deliver. I suggest you also put out the money to get a proofreader to go over the book and make sure there are no errors and if there are any to fix them.

A third method involves using content from the Internet without any author and re-creating it for yourself. This method is one that I have seen many authors do, but I have not researched it thoroughly enough to tell you if this is fully legal or not. Before using this method make sure to do the research so that you do not get yourself into trouble. What the authors who use this method do is they go around on all sorts of online writing sites and they will take pieces of work from other writers that are anonymous and alter them to be their own work. For example, one person might go around on fanfiction sites looking for fanfiction that is well written and written anonymously. The author then takes the work copy and paste it onto his or her own computer changes the names of the characters, alters the setting, and make some small changes to the plot. They normally are the prologue to explain the basics setting plot and characters of the book that they write themselves and then they publish the book. This takes a minimum effort and can make a decent amount of money, however it is unknown at this method is truly legal or not as the author is taking someone else's work without permission. The reason the seems to be a kind of grey area is that the work is also unclaimed by anyone so there would be no way to get permission.

I hope you found this article informative and helpful. This article is designed to inform you about the different methods used by authors to create kindle books.

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