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How to develop a Pleasant Voice.

Updated on March 13, 2014
how to cultivate a good voice
how to cultivate a good voice

Once I had gone to an interview, I heard two candidates engaged in an intimate conversation. Actually I was shocked hearing their conversation, not at their harsh tones but their language. I think as we are living in a competitive world, we must present the best of ourselves to the world. So I think I have to share this article specified by Aruna Anand that helped me to improve my voice and presentation.

“Your voice is a reflection of your personality” so I think everyone should understand their own voice and if there is any fault you should improve it.

For example if we dress very well and don’t care about your voice or speak the whole impact of your personality is lost. It is the verbal presentation which makes a long lasting impression. The quality of voice and type of speech indicates our education, upbringing our class and education.

If you want to improve your voice it is very important to follow some of the following.

Ideal voice:

Low-pitched (neither screechy nor high-pitched) voice with good modulation, clear and firm. A well-modulated voice presents a pleasant image of a person.

Tone of voice:

If you are handsome and good looking but your tone is unpleasant, they will not select you if you going for a Radio jockey interview. An ideal voice sounds firm, low-pitched and with proper modulation.

Diagnose your voice:

High-pitched voice: This type of voice can be diagnosed with the help of mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and starts to speak. If the vocal cords or veins standout in your throat, if means you have a high-pitched voice. You can see a high-pitched voice. You can see that your throat muscles and vocal cords are pressurized when you speak.

Whispery voice: This can be diagnosed by putting your finger on your larynx. If there is any buzzing sound when you speak a sentence, it means you have a whispery voice. Another way is to say ‘SSS…’ continuously and saying ‘ZZZZ.’ continuously. If you will get a vibrating sound in your throat when saying ‘Z’, then you have whispery voice.

Nasal voice: Only ‘M’, ‘N’& ‘Ng’ are the alphabets which have natural nasal sounds. It can be identified by holding your nose softly b/w your thumb and forefinger, then speak the phrase “she sells sea-shells on the seashore”. While saying it if you hears any buzzing sound in the noise, then you have a nasal voice.

Accent: It will vary from region to region. How we talk or pronounce a word will depend on the different regions. If you have any unnecessary accent, then try to get rid of it by a concentrated effort to speak normally in the correct manner.

Some of the common mistake we do while speaking:

Misused words: If you trying to impress or negotiate someone, then you have to choose write words for that otherwise it will end up with tragedy.

Habitual phrases: Phrases like “Have a good day” or “Take care” are used by you too many times a day, stops meaning anything. So try to use sentimental phrases only whenever it required.

Repetition: Some people have the habit of repeating some phrases again and again while talking. For example many players repeatedly use “you know” and many politicians say “you know what I mean.” These kinds of talking/speech can’t express you in right manner, so try not to repeat words. Instead of that improve your vocabulary.

Grammatical mistake: If you think your grammar is bad (once I also), then try to study it with the help of a good book/ with the help of a tutor.

Method to correct Nasal Voice

How can you correct speech flaws?

High-pitched voice: To improve the voice and modulate to low-pitched noise, try to say the word “low” repeatedly. Every time you say the word your voice will be dropped to low-pitch.

Nasal voice: To reduce the tightness in the mouth and throat, repeatedly say words starting with ‘W’ like “we want wide windows.”

Whispery voice: To overcome the breathing problem and to reduce baby voice, try to tell 100 words by controlling your breath. With regular practice helps you to gain good voice.

Screechy noise: This occurs due to tension in your neck, jaw, tongue and throat. To reduce this take deep breaths and saying words like “Ya”, “Yow” and “Yo” repeatedly will help to reduce screechy voice.

A low pitched voice is the basis of a good voice, so try to gain that voice with continuous practice that are suggested by Aruna Anand which made to gain good voice for me.

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    • viewfinders profile image

      viewfinders 4 years ago from God's own country(kerala)

      great thing to know that my hub motivated you to improve your voice, hope you will come back again for further improvement

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Superb! I must say and stay here for a repeat read. Thank you for sharing.