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How to determine whether a source is reliable

Updated on June 18, 2016

For those preparing to write essay or paper, it is important that you know how to determine whether a source is reliable or not. For a source to be reliable, it must also be trustworthy and credible. It is not easy to determine this especially if you don’t know much about the essay background. Here then, are the various ways in which you can tell this even when the essay for instance is done through an essay creator.

The author

Let’s just say, a genuine author will come forward and present their position on the work. They have subjected their work to the essay plagiarism checker to ensure that there is no duplicate copy of their work or the essay key points are their own making as opposed to deriving them from a different source. Even before you come to the 10 essay writing steps, you must first learn how to determine whether a source is reliable or not. The original author must provide their true names in full and the contact information.

Date of the publication

The publication date of any essay or any other work is quite helpful to you especially because the internet also relies on the dates of publication to distinguish a recent work from one published long ago. This also makes it easier for one to tell from an easy checklist if the information provided is reliable or not. If it not, then you must not make any reference to it and instead, you should use an essay plagiarism checker. The essay creator could also help when one wants to find out more information about the essay in question.

Various sources

If you are looking for various sources such as books, articles written by scholars or the websites then ensure that these sources cite the source of information contained therein. If such sources do not give a citation, it is possible the information is not originally that of the author but the latter want to use them as theirs. If in turn you refer to this information, then you run the risk of dealing with plagiarized work which could get you into problems when an easy plagiarism checker is used and finds that your sources of reference are suspect.

Domain used

It is very easy for unscrupulous individuals to buy certain domains and then use plagiarized works that are scholarly in natured. The dot org domains are examples of domains people can buy and abuse them to their advantage. However, if you have the dot edu are strictly for schools and colleges. This makes them quite reliable when one is using them for referencing.

The design of the site

You can tell so much from the design of a site. A well designed site will speak volumes about the reliability and the credibility of information as contained in these sites.

The style of writing used

You can tell from far if the source is reliable from the grammar, style and presentation.


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