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How to enjoy benefits of bonus points card

Updated on October 13, 2015

How to enjoy the benefits of bonus points card

Nowadays many kinds of bonus point card are present, the services itself generally can be found in many retail outlets, restaurants, petrol station, and other service premises. The card not only allows member to collects points or promotions benefits from every purchase, but the point collected can be use later to redeem items or services when sufficient points are attained. It is important to ensure the privileges you can get from the single card for the benefit of the member. So here are some tips to ensure your bonus point card can give more privileges than mere collecting bonus points from participating outlets:

a) Understand participating merchants

Bonus point card often partners with many participating merchants countrywide. So it is important to know which outlets accepts the card to enjoy benefits and collects points for each purchase or services. The benefits can be in forms of discounts, free gifts, free on purchase, point collection, or in some cases combination of two or more benefits. The bonus point card can be the gateway for more privilege offer opportunities in various luxuries such as purchase, dining, accommodation, and services which sometimes not always enjoyed by the card holder himself. However it is also important for card holder to read the terms and condition involved (will be discussed later on terms and condition segment) so that an individual would fully benefit from the offer by using the bonus point card. Another potential temptation of using bonus point card is to enjoy privileges unscrupulously without budget consideration, which means an individual may tempted to enjoy the benefits without considering the cost which will leads to overspending later instead, so it is important for the offer itself to be worth of budget and necessities, while at the same time gives the card holder worth of privilege enjoyed.

b) Follow up the promotion

The promotion itself can be the promotion offered from the participating outlets every week on certain days or weekly promotion at limited period of time. It is important for a card holder to be aware of the promotion and the promotion period. An individual can always check the information from the mass media or via the internet. After that, an individual can choose the desired privilege after much consideration on budget and necessities or sometimes, ability to share the benefit with family or friends. Promotion is good for card holder but it can leads them to overspending on the services which they not always buy weekly. Much like weekend sales in the supermarket, bonus card holder may tempted to overspend for the benefit which might not be necessary and maybe more expensive than ordinary prices in most premises. Therefore, promotion temptation must be balanced with budget ability and necessities to prevent overspending and to prevent regrets later by an individual for spending on benefits that might not be satisfying enough.

c) Keep check on point collected

With availability of online nowadays bonus card user can check their card status via computer or mobile apps. They can check their card status which include point collected, expiry date, promotions, participating merchants, and redeemable benefits. All they needs is registered account of their card in the bonus card system free of charge. Most of the times some transaction involves the bonus point card can be done online such as topping up points, redeem online vouchers, or updating their user information. So by having all the convenience of transaction of the bonus point card online, handling the convenient is never much easier. One thing to be aware though, ensure your profile in your account is kept confidential from hackers.

d) Redeem your desired benefit

Once you checked your bonus point card has attained sufficient bonus point, then it is time to redeem benefits or services immediately. The benefits can be in form of online vouchers, online service, or even point exchange with other member card with bonus collection. The redemption must be done before the points expiry date to prevent loss of points. The point collection can be increased in short period by constantly spent at the participating merchants and present your bonus point card for point redemption.

e) Aware of terms of conditions of offers and promotion

This is actually supplementary terms from promotion segment mentioned above. By understanding the terms and conditions of the offer from the bonus point card itself, a card user can fully benefit from the promotion offered in terms of discounts, free gifts, points collection, or even combination of two or more benefits. A card user must know when and where to use the bonus point card at the selected participating merchants to avoid disappointment. An individual can also contact the participating merchants to enquire whether the promotion is still valid and if the bonus point card can be used there. This way, an individual can be certain that he can have more benefit from single bonus point card alone.

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