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How to give by taking .....poem

Updated on March 3, 2014
Here , for you a gift of warmth.
Here , for you a gift of warmth.

To push beyond my personal limits
to listen and not speak .......I win

To reach out a hand and touch when
I always recoiled to within

Not easy for the quiet man nor the child
who hid so well inside

But Oh the pleasure of giving to lose all
ego and evil in pride

Now what pain is released of which
I will never speak

What answers I've found of all
the more to seek

The load I carried all my life seems trivial now
that I've learned to truly listen

Let me wipe away all your tears until
just the wet cheeks glisten

In the end you smile and one happy tear
graces your lovely face

And for me I am longer near the loneliest
your gift to me is grace


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