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How to have a long lasting good vibes in college that will give benefit to your study and to your life?

Updated on August 17, 2015

Do not just choose someone to be your friend. Remember that in everything you do there is always a consequence in the end. If you want to survive college life then choose someone who has the same goal like you. Here are some ways on how to have a long lasting good vibes in college that will give benefit to your study and to your life.

If you are totally a stranger in that university then it is a must to have a friend but do not just pick anyone you must pick the one. First thing you should do is to observe the people surround you. You can know them by the way they talk, the way they act, or even the way they dress. Choose those people who love Jesus more than anyone else because you can trust them and also choose someone who makes studying their habit because you can be like them someday. Then, if you find someone who is weird like you then give that person your smile, for everything starts with a smile. Next thing to do is try to get close to that person and if given a chance introduce yourself to him/her. Be nice to him/her and as much as possible be true to yourself. Do not pretend on being someone it doesn’t do any good to you at all. Then if you’re already close to him/her, give your help in the times when he/she badly needs it, for it will help to make your relationship strong. Lastly copy some of him/her ways in studying or his/her good attitude that can give a big impact to your study and also give some of your tips to him/her as well.

Do not be selfish, you must have a mutualism relationship wherein both of you are benefiting from each other’s company. A friend that prays, study, cry and laugh together will also have a success in life together.


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