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How to hub articles - Write them or don't

Updated on August 26, 2013

Finding your writers voice isn't easy on the web, mainly because it deals with differing technical parameters and implementations

By the Italian voice
By the Italian voice | Source

The Food Revolution is a signal to changing times

This was so, mainly to help them expose things that have been hidden for ages from people such as the dangers of consuming processed foods, and hidden from the view of that of the masses of people world wide.

We all know that commercial television would never have been the method to deliver such a health message starting out (because it counters all their ads marketing strategies of promoting processed foods), and delivers such a harsh blow to the major consumers mind state, and that of this commercial society we all live in the United States.

Where should I start

I think many new writers like myself have no idea where to start with, when it comes to writing, and or choosing subjects to write about. Now, as for the writing about 'how to' articles in particular, I think everyone has a much differing take on it all, plus for the fact that much of the old yesteryear knowledge is somewhat being stripped away, by much more newer and improved info as well with the advent of all the much newer high tech stratagems we are currently being supplied with today.

A good example of this is if you look at the entire picture of whats going on with the whole health, and food revolution thing today, well if you notice there has been a huge battle raging on, when it comes to that of the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA), the Department of Agriculture, food processing corporations, and drug companies in America.

People on the ground have been getting pretty fed up, and are growing in health awareness due to the internet being so powerful today. This new emergence is helping to bridge the gaps of fresh newer knowledge and research to be spread everywhere online, getting shared socially, and by many audio, and video formats. This all replacing much older outdated irrelevant information, and its all been helping many health guru's, as well as to push further the movement towards raw foodism, while simultaneously fueling health fanatics worldwide to also get the word out via all other means of online communications.

How to's have been a major part of American culture for ages

By kevin dooley
By kevin dooley | Source

How to articles online are everywhere today, how does one decipher a difference

Now, when you think about it, in terms of online writing competition, it's pretty fierce online if you choose the subject of how to articles to write about. Lets use largest most popular how to web location known as E-how as an example. They trump any other how to place on the web in terms of traffic views, and they also have the number two spot on Google in terms of page ranking positional placement. Their network is over flowing with super useful information, and its always the most relevant as it appears to be, and so why in the world would anyone need to go elsewhere to seek such useful it yourself helpful information or how to articles.

Well the funny thing is with the web, is that not everyone will find that exact web page, unless they are specifically searching for that particular keyword itself of "Ehow", and the chances for it to pop up when a person is seeking for ways to per say fix their damaged overly expensive yacht for instance, well they may not find Ehow to come up first as they search there on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or what ever search engine they choose to hunt that juicy info down with.

Hence the reason why it will always be an opportunity for any how to article to shine, and as long as it meets Google's requirements as well as hubpages, if this is in fact the actual web and writer platform location it was published at.

Bonus - This video addresses how to write better, oh how Ironic

Technology has changed everything, look at this old movie image of the old Incredible Hulk's David Banner and the New one


Is it worth it to write how to articles and why

This is why I feel that its quite alright for people to continue to go on and write how to articles, because you just never know what they will come up with next, and even if it is in certain subjects that have been written about millions of times, and in so many varying differing ways as well.

There is always something to learn today, look at the industries of the past, where technology has been replacing such things as the typewriter, the land line rotary phones, the wash board replaced by its predecessor the washing machine, so on and so fourth.

Thanks to things advancing so rapidly with that of mobile technology per say, our online life can literally be carried with us in our pocket. This is something of an anomaly today, and compared to that of 10+ years ago, so people are trying to keep up with it all. Lets hope with the growing trends towards online everything, that us writers can benefit much more for writing a simple how to article, and you never know with mobile apps and all making it ever more easy for people to locate much of our content we have to offer up today.

Hot Technology poll for writers and guests

Do you think technology is helping us writers & humanity or failing us

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Ehow has even dominated Youtube, this video is an example


The challenge of writing online

Us humans have been finding ways to make a difference, and in so many ways using technology, but at the same time it has definitely taken its toll on things when it comes to the amount of waste products that have been produced. Well that's another hub to write about all together, and so Yeah I think How to articles are priceless as long as it keeps up with the current trends, as well as if the hubs are edited regularly for clarity, quality, and consistency for all SEO purposes.

Search engines like Google for instance are ever evolving, and so shall us writers need to adapt to such changes, so that also means that no matter the subject we choose to write about today, we all must pay closer attention to the content we choose to insert into our articles, and by simply trying to keep up to date with Google's most recent standards. (If not you may be facing much lower web traffic views if anything to them how to articles or any others)

This is why those writers who have already learned to master the art of writing online, aren't the only ones who achieve online success today. Its all about what you place into your articles for the most part, besides what the subject matter is all about, grammar, spelling, and a host more important essentials. Most of us should already know how to create search savvy and succulent enough to read articles, unless we are fresh meat to the online freelancing world, and especially if we are considered to be publish worthy authors.

The difficulty then becomes after you've infused your writers voice into the equation (Which is writing with a passionate touch, and accurately) then and only then will you begin to see the numbers poor in, which is what most online writers are in seek of for the most part.

Cool devices to help you write online while outdoors on the move


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @Nellieanna, Yes I do indeed understand that it is possible to exist without the dependency on technology today, but the overall premise and undeniable fact that many of the means to access our precious information has moved to the computers is why it is imperative that people adapt to it all (Also on the 'Cloud' or stored behind major computer corporations data centers for data storage online).

      This is not to say that anyone lacks the innate survival skills to live an every day life without it, no its to say that when, and how people choose to interact by using these machines truly does make a huge difference for each given persons knowledge of such.

      Not every person has a full understanding of every single subject in computing, in life as a whole, and so this hubs purpose actually is set out to inspire those writers who think that writing How to articles aren't worth it, when in fact there is a vast arena for such a thing to have amazing potential in growth today on the web.

      Mainly because there are so much newer things coming out each and every second, and not enough people to keep track of it all, or to write about every single thing that exists in the online world.

      I mean there's huge earnings to be made digitally, by writing how to articles about the digital world of the internet as a whole (Website after Website, network after network, cloud after cloud, and the in's and out's about them all), but mostly about the vastly unknowns that the masses have yet to divulge or discover for themselves, and without following some advertisement for it.

      Thanks Nellieanna for sharing your insightful comment, I just think that people are trying their hardest to keep up with everything, but the other issue is there's to much info coming down the pipe, and folks have no clue anymore what to believe or what ways work best for them.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks a million Bill, I try my best to make all of my articles somewhat relevant to today's issues just as you and many other writers do so well.

      Technology is the key for sure when using these devices, and the very reason why we can do what we do today with these darn machine communicators and all, so its imperative to write about it today.

      I hope more folks can come to such a realization that the more knowledge of tech stuff you have on your digital belt, the better off behind these computer screen you may be in the end, because someone gotta write about how it all works, you know, and for others to get a much better grip on it.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 5 years ago from TEXAS

      Very interesting and well written, Mike, my friend. You show a broad knowledge and understanding of all the facets of these questions. I like to keep current with new technology and what's available if it's relevant TO ME. However, it's surprising how many eventual conclusions at which all the technical/communication furore arrives are in line with common-sense conclusions at which I arrived on my own before the internet! haha. I'm healthy at 80, not because I haunt search engines for the 'latest' advice but because I've ample sense in which I'm confident myself & I listen to my own body's needs, along with having a good background (pre-internet) on subjects such as healthful diet and other practices which must be PRACTICED literally daily over the years. I'd hate to have waited till I ran across or unearthed a 'how-to' live long and healthy to have found it out. I'd probably have been dead or declining long ago! I certainly didn't start out life with great prospects - born to an older fragile mother whose own diet was not all it could have been.

      I hope humans never lose touch with their own keen abilities to think and sort out moment- to-moment personal choices from birth to grave, with or without benefit of technology and deluges of media information & advice!

      I love your writing. It's so sensible! ;-)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Great insights buddy! I can't keep up with technology; I just master one thing and ten new things come down the road at me. I'm exhausted trying to keep up. All I know to do is keep writing....since my main goal is to motivate and inspire people, I just keep writing and hope for the best.

      Great hub brother; keep putting out the word and helping people in that way you have.