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Tips on how to make the most of your writing skills

Updated on April 2, 2013

How do you write engaging content? The desire for well-written and captivating content is highly sought after as the global community's hunger for information over the internet continues to grow. If you were to stumble upon a website that offered their services with spelling mistakes and poor language; your visit would certainly not last longer than a few seconds.

There are a few points to consider when you start to write, whether it's for website content, a blog post or even a cover letter for a new exciting job:

  • fail to prepare, prepare to fail - planning and drafting are the first steps to help you create an engaging piece of writing. Establish your aim - what do you want your reader to know, feel or act upon after reading your text? Inject some emotion into your text.
  • create an outline - this is useful if you are preparing a longer piece of text. An outline will provide structure and it will help you break up the task into manageable pieces of information.
  • establish your main theme - if you're having trouble defining the main theme of your message, pretend that you have 15 seconds to explain your position. What do you say? This is likely to be your main theme.
  • understand your audience - personalise your writing to your reader and try to answer the questions: what do they do? how do they live? what do they care about? This will appeal to the reader's interests and make them receptive to your message.
  • use active language - making use of more verbs will make your writing sound invigorating and it will help shorten any lengthy sentences. Also, make sure that you remove any unnecessary words and keep it simple: instead of 'in order to run faster', say 'to run faster'.
  • read out loud - it might sound obvious but this shouldn't be sidelined. Reading to yourself will enable you to hear each word and change anything that sounds messy or strange.
  • second opinion - many pro writers will ask someone else to read their work. You can ask a friend or colleague to review your text - they may suggest something that you did not think of yourself.


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    • Louise Lately profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Lately 

      5 years ago from London, UK

      Hi klidstone1970 - thank you for your comment and really glad that you found it helpful:)

    • klidstone1970 profile image

      இڿڰۣ-- кιмвєяℓєу 

      5 years ago from Niagara Region, Canada

      Hi Louise,

      Very helpful advice and something I know I need to do in order to help grow in my writing. Thank you.


    • Louise Lately profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Lately 

      5 years ago from London, UK

      CrisSp, thank you for taking the time to read my hub:) and very glad you liked it.

    • CrisSp profile image


      5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Short but precise with good, valid points. Welcome to HubPages!

    • Louise Lately profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Lately 

      5 years ago from London, UK

      Hi girishpuri, thank you for taking the time to read my hub. I'm really glad that it was helpful. Louise

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 

      5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      Great tips and shall help me a lot, thanks

    • Louise Lately profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Lately 

      5 years ago from London, UK

      Hi Anil and Honey, I'm very glad that you like it. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • Anil and Honey profile image


      5 years ago from Kerala

      Hai writer, I can collect some important writing techniques from this hub , thank you very much

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello Louise, good information - I'm also quite new to hub pages as well!

    • Faith A Mullen profile image

      Faith A Mullen 

      5 years ago

      Hi Louise, I am new to hubpages too and wanted to say hi! As a writer myself, I enjoyed your article. Thanks for posting.

    • ktrapp profile image

      Kristin Trapp 

      5 years ago from Illinois

      What a nice succinct list of really good writing tips. I've often seen on resumes where people describe their achievements in a passive tone so I appreciate your point about active language.

    • speechoftheday profile image


      5 years ago from morocco

      hii lately i like your article it's really useful can you help me impove my writing skills


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