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How to memorize 1000 words when you learn a foreign language.

Updated on July 2, 2019
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It is enough to memorize 1000 words when you learn a foreign language. "Five gifts for the brain"

The German existential philosopher Nietzsche said. "Blessed is the blessed, forgetting even the mistakes." In Nietzsche's remarks, which is also mentioned in the movie Eternal Shine, it is necessary to forget about life and it can be interpreted as the power to make life possible. Oblivion is the best gift God has given to man. But when I live, I know. Memories that I want to forget always follow me, and memories that I do not want to forget are becoming tangible. Hard and tough memories hold our heads and play the barbarians, which also afflict our lives. Memory is always selective. The action of the brain does not move only by our doctors.

According to a study by Hermann Everinghaus in Germany, the author of the study of oblivion, the brain says it should rest for 5 to 10 minutes every 45 to 50 minutes, since it does not seem important if there is a lot of input information. Oblivion is the act of temporarily closing the door and window of consciousness by itself. I am ready to take a seat for something new. If so, what about someone called 'genius of memory'?

Eran Katz. It is a genius in the memory of memorabilia that has the world 's Guinness record in the memory section by listening and remembering the number of 500 digits once. He has lectured on the development and improvement of brain skills, and he has been working on "Intelligence Development" and "Learning Jerome", which is a genius of "Jerome" and "Secret of Super Memory" "Five Gifts for the Brain." And I found Korea.

There is no multitasking in the brain

I am not a genius. I just have a trained memory. This can be done by anyone. I am an ordinary person. My mother thinks me above average and my wife thinks me below average but I am average (laughs). The brain can only do one task at a time. There is no multitasking. There is talk of women being able to multitask, but that is not true. But there are things women can do. When you move from one task to another, you can concentrate without worrying. Men need adequate resting from one task to another. When you think you need to bring a pen in your room, you should focus on that goal rather than letting it go. Experiment with multitasking. If you go to a restaurant and eat it and talk to someone else, you will know that it will not work. "

The core of Elankats' words is in 'Focus'. Applies to anyone as well. To finish one task and then finish the task. So, there are many factors to focus on and pay attention to, and in order to make it especially memorable, you need to associate or associate with something unusual or known.

Elan Kats has given an example. If you draw a map of Thailand or Belgium, most people can not draw almost everyone. But what if you want to draw an Italian map? I think that the likelihood of drawing a map of Italy is relatively high while reminiscent of boots. These associations are easily seen in everyday life. Maybe the smell of pheasants or cake reminds me of my grandmother's house.

"Long ago I had to rely only on my own memories of Rome, Greece and ancient Jews. They tried to remember through unconscious associations. I wanted to leave memories through my associations. There was an experiment for a married person. Have your husband stand in front of you and let your wife stand behind you. Ask a man what his wife is wearing. This experiment makes a lot of laughter. The husband often does not know what his wife is wearing. Why do men can not remember the clothes their wives are wearing. For men it is not interested. But women complain that their memory is getting smaller, but they remember what other women were wearing at the party five years ago (laughs). Funny, when men go to a party, when they meet someone who wears the same shirt as theirs, they become the best friends for the rest of their lives. "

This is the key to what Eran Katsu says. We remember that we are interested. People who memorize names or faces better than ordinary people are more likely to do so because they love and care more about others. In addition, those who memorize numbers or financial information are more likely to have a higher level of mathematical intelligence than others. A person who fits the mystery is likely to have various knowledge in various fields because he is curious. Elankats' advice is this. If you have a field you want to memorize, you should be interested.

How to be good at memory, have a passion

I know that I learned passively in Asia. Jews are different. When we accept knowledge, we learn by challenging and asking questions, not just as they are. We remember our work 10 years ago, but we can not remember yesterday. When I was young, everything was exciting and new. When I became an adult, I saw and tried everything. It is not as exciting and new as when I was a child. The best tip I would like to present today in this lecture is to have a passion. If you have enthusiasm and interest in even the smallest things, you can make your memories much better and live a happy life. "

How then will you have a passion? Elankats takes the Jewish case as an example. High school students say that when they review something, they get up and do it. When you walk and walk and think about a problem, the blood flow to the brain increases and the oxygen supply is good. This is said to be helpful for studying. He explains that it is also a way to help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In addition, the addition of an additional bonus is also available. I will also talk about how to organize this.

"When I go to see a chapter, I make a list and memorize it, and I can memorize much better if I remember what meat and what dairy products I should buy rather than memorize it in writing. Another good way is to use abbreviations. Do you know what LG stands for? It is 'Lucky Gold Star', but nowadays it is short for 'Life Is Good'. IBM is short for 'International Business Machines' (laughs). The reason for this statement is to make it easier to remember the bank account number or the password on the Internet. The same is true of language. My wife is in French, and I used to go to France and buy tickets for the subway. I spoke in French for only two tables. The next day I said I would buy a ticket and my wife said, 'You do not speak French.' I tried to try it though. My wife was only 70 meters away from me. I laughed and took two fingers and said 'two'. I did not know either the words or the grammar, but I got two tickets with my wife (laughs). "

When he learned a different language, he recommended that only 1000 words be memorized. It was a study in linguistics. If you know only 1,000 common words in one language, you can understand 75% of the newspapers in that language. However, there is a study that the ability to read newspapers in the language is only 4%, even if you know the most important 1000 words next to 1000 important words. In other words, you can read the New York Times if you know 1,000 words of English words, and you can read Le Monde's paper if you know 1,000 words of French.

"There is something in the book about King Sejong. King Sejong introduced Hangul in place of Hanji, which was known only to the monks, so that he could read and write in a matter of months. The part of King Sejong's genius is that it replaced the complicated Hanja with a simple Hangul that anyone can understand. If you have only 30 words in any language, you will be able to understand the language in a month. Learning the language can be an achievable goal. All you need is 1000 words. One important thing here is to keep talking. Children learn language by making mistakes and not making them feel embarrassed. Adults should do the same. "

On this day, Erlankats shared his Facebook address, saying that he is communicating directly with readers through Facebook. If you want to share a story about mnemonics remotely with Lankats, you might want to join him with a 'Facebook' friend.

Multitasking was not possible. Is it not effective at high school to listen to music while studying?

The lack of multitasking means that there is no task to use two minds. Listening to music is another matter. Some people need music to concentrate. It is possible to review while moving because it is a fusion of mental writing (review) and non-spirit (movement). It may be good to listen to music (while studying). You can listen to music if you think that it is actually helpful to do so. You should listen to good music.

As I get older, my memory declines. Will the method you mentioned earlier be effective even when you are older?

The fact that you are here, the fact that you are constantly working, helps to improve your memory. There is no limit to raising the brain. Even at age nineteen, you may be able to improve your memory by 60-70%. You can improve your memory by increasing your mental activity, such as learning, trying, teaching and traveling. Other physical activities are also very good for mental health.


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