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How to overcome depression ?

Updated on July 21, 2008

Fighting depression without drugs

It is possible to overcome Depression.

There was a time when I thought marrying an unknown person would be difficult or rather impossible. Then I married a person whom I knew for 3 years. But his mother's insecurity or ego or whatever complex/ problem that was, ruined our happiness and camaradie and changed our relationship altogether. This left a scar on my psyche.

My mother in law made some accusations which was beyond my imagination. Not even my husband would believe what I had to tell. I couldn't prove the truth. I lost interest in myself, I lost confidence, I became a wreck. My self esteem nose dived. I couldn't take it anymore, I started loosing my patience. I started feeling guilty about the marriage, my actions.... I even contemplated suicide.

I badly wanted to seek a psychiatric help, but my husband opposed it. There was nobody to whom I could confide in other than my parents. Since I didn't want them to worry about me beyond a limit, I restrained myself from telling everything. I could only pray and seek God's help. Slowly, with my husband's help, started believing in myself. He counseled and supported me. I started taking interest in hobbies. And I think it works. My life changed. I gained confidence. The situations around me are still gloom. But I'm trying to view it differently.

I practiced meditation at home. I follow a method advocated by Osho and pranayama advocated by Sri Sri. I find the practice of meditation very helpful. I provided me relaxation, and it is said that pranayama helps in getting rid of all toxins accumulated in your body.

When you want something to happen strongly, the universal forces will see that it happens. Perhaps, that is what we call The Almighty, The God. Today, I successfully fought depression after 4 years. My husband is right in saying, there is solution to all the problems, and if you feel something cannot be resolved, just leave it to time ....We are not the only one to experience it like this.....there are others whose experiences are much worser than you. You have to find the solution to your problem.

You alone can fight depression out of your mind.


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