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How to overcome write's blocks on creative writing

Updated on November 30, 2011

what's behind creativity

Doesn't matter if you are painting, writing or producing ideas you will face creative blocks, its just a matter of time. Times goes by and your productivity goes down.But, what is exactly behind publisher 's blocks on creative writing? Is creative writing an art? Definitively,no. Even if you are not so talent you still can create, although, creative people shows independence, autonomy, self-reliance, curiosity, flexibility and are very sensitive :-)

So why it is so hard to write or to express ideas? Sure anxiety plays a significant role on blocking of the creative process.In fact,it's difficult to find an artist, musician or writer who never experienced creative blocks. For example, Virginia Woolf had days of incredible creativity that allowed her to create some of the greatest writings of modern literature. However, many times she demonstrate no ability to create and write when she needed it the most. Of course every individual has different motivation to their ups and down on creativity.

I think what is really important is to find way to deal with the blocking process. Here is some points that shed some light on why a publisher would freeze it's creativity:

  • Accommodation, comfort: Run outside your comfort zone;
  • Perfectionism: You are not perfect! Stop to criticize your own thoughts
  • Immediacy: Avoid to despise other paths. Sometimes you shouldn't go directly to the point. To be simplistic will not make your creativity work.
  • Insecurity: lack of self-knowledge. It's important for personal decisions but it is also important to writing as well.
  • Pessimism: Avoid absolute standards, does not have a right/wrong fundamental idea.
  • Shyness: Interesting point because writers are prone to be shy and introspective. It can block your creative writing as it Inhibits more assertive attitudes and behaviors.Don't censor, even nonsense, not flee from ludicrous extravagance, take risks
  • Caution: Be careful, it can turn into fear
  • Discouragement: lack of motivation/arousal.Leads to non-engagement.
  • Lack of time management: When you are writing you should know what is important for you, what is urgent, so you can be focus. Don't spend your time procrastinating,set you goals and track your time.

Hope it can help you with your next hub :-)


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 6 years ago from Georgia

      Hello, Fear can often be the underlying reason we are not successful at writing or any other endeavor. In my opinion, fear is present in a few of the points you so rightly pointed out, i. e. shyness, pessimism or insecurity. Thanks for a hub that we should use whenever we are at a roadblock.

    • nicregi profile image

      Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      I can't agree more with number 9! Time is vital and for me, I am always short of time. Trying to find time is tough!