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8 Tips on How to play the SEO marketing game.

Updated on March 07, 2017

SEO  stands short for Search Engine Optimization. This means that it affects the visibility of a web-page or website in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. But we are focusing on Google, the most used search engines.

How to create a SEO that works for you?

I bet you have heard that Content is king. This is true, and sounds good, but what does it really mean? Here it comes the first crucial tip:

1. Original content — content is really the king of any post you may ever write, because it does not really matter how good you can use your SEO tips and tricks you may read over and over again. If you do not write original content, well, you are gone. The original content does not necessarily mean that you have to create everything from your mind. Like Albert Einstein has said: The secret of creativity is to not show your sources! Smart Einstein. Original content will get old in time. So you need Fresh Content as well. You have to write once in a while, to keep things fresh and clean, and to always keep your readers busy. People that follow you want to read more of you, if not, they would not bother with the following, liking, rating, or comments. Satisfy them!

2. Focus on search phrases — do not focus only on keywords. People usually hit search on Google after they have written the whole question. To work better with your SEO focus on your phrases. Do not make the mistake, though, to take this crucial SEO tip, and use it the wrong way: this would be if you stuffed your post with that same bold phrase. Not only would you make your readers get bored and never open your links again, but it will have an even bigger worse effect: Google will make your website, or your Hubpage profile goes down, the worst scenario: in the end of the website list that show on Google pages. We do not want that now, do we?

Another SEO tip to keep in mind: url extensions does not really count. It does not matter if it ends in .html.Htm.PHP or else. Do not waste energy on that one.

3. Link Building — the aim here is for quality, not quantity! Build a few links that will make people click them. Do not add as much links as you can because this will also have a negative effect for your Google ranking. Keep in mind that images and videos does not count. So do not put as many as you can in your Hubpages post, or try hard to find a video or image that will fit your hub. Google does not scan or read images or videos. They work as a little more help for your readers to understand what you are saying, the best way for you is to explain them. Write! Do not get me wrong though, of course they have to have high resolution. If they have not, that will have a negative impact on your readers. Hubpages will not approve them at all, and will not allow your hub to be published, not to mention that featuring your low quality hub will not be an option.

You can read more on this matter on : The 2017 Bloggers Hacks.

Do not fall for these SEO myths:

  1. You need to be a national phenomenon — meaning that you have to hit a good ranking in nationally search. This is not true. If you hit it locally, build it from there. You will get to the national search little by little. Giant steps only make you lose balance. Do not lose your balance. Focus.
  2. The quantity of your pages or posts matters a lot — it does not really matter as much as you think. Do not make me repeat myself on what I told you about the content.
  3. Google ranking is based all on the links. — As I explained before Content is what counts more, so do not be fooled to only focus on link building and forget about what you write.
  4. Including a lot of keywords will help do better — it will not. What it will certainly do, is that Google will see your site as spam and it is the worst you can do to your website, or Hubpage profile, as it will be very difficult after this to ever make a good ranking. So be careful. Do not push things too hard.

One tip that goes beyond the SEO.

Even though a good SEO game is important, you should also interact with people, the ones that will click through your link and read your content. You can’t make it overnight no matter how much your work on your SEO, it is not all about that. You have to work on your blog, and on sharing it with the world. You have to literally use every single mean that you have to push your blog out there. You won’t need a degree on marketing, or else. All you need is ideas, and good social media connection, and even these do not happen overnight; and of course, keep doing mistakes, because you can’t learn any other way.

You can always start by following people on instagram, twitter, facebook, google plus, and wherever you have an account on which you are active and do post all the time, or at least log in once a day. When you follow people be careful to not spam, and also keep in mind that you do not need to follow as many accounts as you physically and possibly can. You need to follow those accounts that post for the same things you do, you have to be in the same niche. So you can gain their followers, you can make their readers, and those bloggers read you too. If you follow bloggers just for the sake of it, you won’t get much, and you will need much time.

How is your relationship with SEO?

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Second thing you can get advantage of: hashtags. Check on your google analytics, your instagram, and twitter account, to find out about the hashtags people are using, the events they are going, or the social things they discuss about. Be a part of that, become a part of that community.

Third thing to get you noticed in no matter of time: comment on other bloggers blogs. It does not matter if you leave nice or bad comments, it matters more that you put arguments on those comments and not hate words, while you keep showing that you read their post carefully and you really feel like leaving that comment. Readers will come to your blog.

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