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How to rid yourself of writers block

Updated on August 1, 2017

How to rid yourself of writers block

First of all, what is Writer's block exactly? People hear the words writer's block but do they actually know what it means. Some people might think oh you just don’t want to do the work that is required of you if you have to come up with a thesis for a paper or write a story for a creative writing class. Or even to write a novel, or blog. Writer's block is something that every writer goes through at least one time in their life. Sometimes writer's block can be limitless for a while but everyone gets through it eventually.

Back to the meaning of writer's block, though, it is primarily associated with writing in which the author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce work for years. Throughout history writer's block has been documented a problem. Although this is just the definition of the internet people may have their own definition, but I don’t want to discuss the definition of writer’s block I want to discuss how to get out of having writer's block. Well for starters, when you are writing something and then the thought stops or you can’t think of how to finish something, or you can’t think of new ideas, that is called writer's block. Everyone probably is thinking right it is and when that happens what do you do? Rack your brain for ideas? Write aimlessly until something good pops into your head? No, well you could do those things but it wouldn’t really get you anywhere.

What I mean by that is usually when you have writer's block that means that you have been writing too much and can’t figure out where to go next this can last what feels like a limitless amount of time. So take a break, read a book or just go do something else for a while, meet up with a friend, go for coffee, and take a walk. Plan a getaway. Something where you don’t have to think of what you are writing. The reason why you have writer's block is that you haven’t stopped writing and you are not thinking of new ideas to keep the writing going when you do stop. For example, when I have a case of writer's block which I do right now, I don’t really like writing I like doing something else, to clear my mind and figure out what else there is to write at a later date.

To rid yourself of writer's block stop writing and do something else you like to do to just clear your mind. It will help you get a new perspective. it usually helps me so it could help you too. You might have another way of riding yourself, of writer's block, so why not do that. If you have writer's block stop writing and do something else to clear your head, don't just continue to write, because if you do that nothing will make sense. I have done it and I had to go back and reword everything which takes a lot of time when you could be doing something else. what I am saying is don't force yourself to write, if you have writer's block.

How someone might look trying to dealing with writers block
How someone might look trying to dealing with writers block

What to do if you have Writer's Block

If you have writer's block stop writing and do something else. clear your mind, it is so much easier. Don't try and do something when your mind just won't do it, that makes you tired and it also makes you not want to continue to do other things. To rid yourself of writer's block take a break from writing. TAKE A BREAK FROM WRITING, Writer's block can feel limitless if you push yourself to write when you have writer's block that is why it is good to take a break when you have run out of ideas to write about, which is essentially what writers' block is.

Writer's block can last a limitless amount of time if you try to push past it and work while you are dealing with it. When you take the break, think about why you got writer's block and work on ways while you are not writing to get rid of it. Sometimes its just you need to get away from your computer and get a change of scenery, or get up and do something else. Sometimes that helps, people can't write limitlessly or else they will go nuts. I was watching one of my favorite authors who did a live video and she said she had to get up and move and do other things or else she will go crazy and or get a few writer's block for a story that she is working on. So it happens, and she also said, getting up and doing something else helps cure it.

If you try and work through your writer's block and not get up and get a change of scenery, your writer's block is going to last limitlessly. Any writer doesn't want their writer's block to last limitlessly so when they have it they get up and do something else, to clear their minds and then they will go back to their writing later. If you take a break from writing and just do something else, usually when you go back to writing it just flows which in turn means that the writer's block that you just had has disappeared.

To rid yourself of writer's block there are limitless things that you can do, get up and get a change of scenery, clean the house, do laundry or the dishes. Just something where you are;t staring at the computer screen racking your brain for ideas, they will come when you least expect it. That is what happens to writers or most of us anyway, that is what happens to me, they come to me at the most unlikely times. But when I can't focus I usually stop, take a nap or read a book or do some cleaning up. While doing these things limitless ideas will pop into my head for blog post ideas and I will be sure to write them down.

Writers Block

If you have had writers block what have you done?

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Say Goodbye to Writers Block

Writers Block is when you want to write but the words aren't coming to you. That is when you have been writing too much and you need a break, in order to write the way that you want. So if you feel as though you are getting writer's block, take a break. You may have deadlines, yes, but even people on deadline need to take a break and regroup and then go back. If you don't do that the writing won't come out the way you want it, but if you take a break when you feel you need one then the writer's block won't feel so bad nor will it last for a limitless amount of time. So take a break, and do something else for awhile it won't hurt.

Have you ever had to rid yourself of writers block? How did you do it?

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