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How to sell ebooks online with Liberty reserve

Updated on October 23, 2012

Selling online with Liberty reserve

Selling digital products online is one of the smartest ways of making money online cos you only need to keep a single copy of that product and yet sell it many times over. When it comes to one of the most favoured digital products, electronic books are the main ones as they provide people with valuable readable information which is stored in electronic form and also called ebooks.

How do you sell ebooks online? It basically involves uploading it to a website and then delivering it to buyers almost as soon as they make payment. Now, there are actually a lot of online payment platforms all providing essentially the same service of allowing users exchange money electronically within their network and this platforms vary from Paypal to Payza, Moneybooks to Liberty reserve.

Liberty reserve is a unique payment platform that works in a similar way to Paypal and the rest but it works a bit differently too and is also a growing and popular payment processor most especially in places where Paypal does not work. You should note also that unlike Paypal, Liberty reserve doesn't allow payment reversals.

How do you sell ebooks and other digital products with liberty reserve? Well, first of all, you will need to generate a Liberty reserve button and then setup a store.

Basic Things you will need to sell ebooks with Liberty reserve

  1. Liberty reserve account
  2. Payment button
  3. Uploaded ebook
  4. A liberty reserve IPN handler

How it works

  1. A prospective buyer goes to your site to buy the book and clicks on the liberty reserve button
  2. You first collect his email address and redirect him to the liberty reserve page
  3. He makes payment for the ebook
  4. After payment, liberty reserve sends a message to your IPN handler
  5. Your IPN handler then sends the download details to the buyers email address'

Moving Forward

Creating an ebook and getting a liberty reserve account is not a hard task but setting up your IPN handler can be because it requires setting up a store in your LR account and generating a password which you will also use to create your LR ipn script such that when lr sends a message, a handshake is made with your local ipn and then a download link is sent to your buyer's email who has just paid you. A liberty reserve handler is just like a Paypal or Alertpay IPN handler and it can be in any acceptable format like Perl, PHP, ASP and so on.

Personally I use Perl and you can sell a live example of how I sell ebooks online using Liberty reserve here:


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    • norbertmercado profile image

      Norbert L. Mercado 5 years ago

      Good to know that Liberty Reserve is a more direct alternative to selling ebooks than just selling via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords. It appears to be an approach for the more tech-inclined person though. But if you could sell directly from your site, think of the potential savings in royalty-cuts. And there would probably be minimal delays in your access to the funds compared to bimonthly or quarterly payments.